Why did Lloyd Evans say in one of his latest video

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  • mickbobcat

    So I was watching an Evans video he just put out where he was interviewing a man about how the cult treated his daughter who was rapped as a criminal. The man said his wife's first experience with an apostate site was here. Jehovahs-witnesses.com. I could tell by the look on his face he did not like that site and then could not help himself and said that he could not recommend going to this site. Why is he anti this site?

  • Simon

    He's a dick. He can't take criticism and demands "worship". Anyone who questions him is deemed an enemy. I think part of it is that he makes money from his activity, but he was key to a major screw up which exposed many people's identities and refused to close that particular barn door or admit it was poorly conceived.




  • fulano

    He is an arrogant know it all.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @mickbobcat - Lloyd Evans may make good youtube videos but on this forum as 'Cedars' he was insufferable.

    The AAWA issues blew up a year before I joined but I remember reading some threads as a lurker and I've just spent some time reading old threads to see what the fuss was about.

    And Cedars was simply insufferable, there's no other way of describing him. Simon and other posters (e.g. SlimBoyFat, rebel8, etc.) tried to engage with him, all to no avail.

    I think he genuinely believed the crap he posted in defence of his serious mistakes. He possibly might be a deluded individual that may need professional counselling or similar treatment.

  • vienne

    He seems to rely on money generated from his videos. If so, he is manipulating the ex-JW community for his own profit. In his book he seems to revel in behaviors many would reject. I've never met him, but I neither trust nor like him.

  • HappyDad

    I know this is not PC but with all the truths spoken about Cedars aka Lloyd Evans in this post, I must add that he also looks like a complete unbathed, I wish I could grow a real beard SLOB.

  • Simon
    He seems to rely on money generated from his videos. If so, he is manipulating the ex-JW community for his own profit.

    The problem with "professional activists" who rely on their activism for their income is that there is a tendency for it to become a motivation to perpetuate the thing itself and to invent things to use to continue the money-making activism, even if there is nothing really that warrants any 'activisming' (yeah, that's a word - totally checks out).

    I saw a quote along these lines the other day, about how groups formed to object to a 'thing' end up becoming dependent on and part of the ecosystem of the 'thing', but can't remember the exact context. Wish I'd saved a reference as I thought at the time it was quite profound and likely useful.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I must admit that I listen to most of Lloyd's videos. I do find many of them too be a bit to windy, so I play them at 1.5x speed. I find a lot of information and video edits from the watchtower interesting.

    As for him making a living off of that, in my opinion, is not manipulating people for his profit. He is providing a service (information, interviews, videos, documentation, etc) and is paid for that. Manipulating is the watchtower telling people they cannot be happy without them. Lloyd never made any such comments and often said that people are in a better place when they no longer need his videos and to talk about JWs like this in their lives, when they can all leave it behind.

    I can't leave it behind as, like him, I live with my JW in-laws.

    That being said, the other comments made on this thread are valid. The very fact he's against this board is a problem in and of itself. People on this board are reasonable enough, I believe the only thing he doesn't like about it is that he is not on control of the information. When he says something, people can comment and say opposite things and he doesn't have the ability to edit it out.

    As for me? I tend to try to take the best out of people. The best I have from this group is the variety of opinions and the best I get from Lloyd is a steady stream of information about the JWs.

  • Simon
    When he says something, people can comment and say opposite things and he doesn't have the ability to edit it out.

    That doesn't mean he hasn't tried! I've had "I'll ruin your reputation if you don't remove XYZ comment about my video" emails from him before now.

    It's why I generally don't allow his windbag videos on the site. I have better things todo with my time than spend it dealing with some narcissistic grifter.

  • vienne

    Providing a service? By focusing on the questionable beliefs of anti-witness advocated or on meaningless inconsequentials? He grasps at anything to make a video just to keep his toes in the water and make a buck. There is no public service in this.

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