AAWA is here!! (The Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists)

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  • cedars



    Facebook The Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists


    I'm pleased to announce that after months of discussions and planning, we have finally launched an organization that is designed to take on the Watch Tower Society and present a united front for all Ex-JWs through respectful and well informed activism.

    AAWA is legally incorporated in Arizona. It comprises of an advisory board of eight individuals including...

    • Myself
    • Barbara Anderson
    • Richard E Kelly
    • Paul Grundy (jwfacts)
    • Mickey Hudson (Danmera)
    • Bo Juel Jensen
    • Lee Marsh (Lady Lee)
    • John Hoyle (Juan Viejo2)

    AAWA is religiously-neutral in that it does not endorse any particular religious or philosophical belief system. It is solely interested in going after Watchtower and helping those who are struggling as a result of years of mental and emotional abuse.

    More information is available on the links above and I will do my best to answer any questions on this thread. In the meantime we look forward to working with those of you who are interested in pursuing peaceful activism with AAWA in whatever way you can.


  • vajeni82

    Hooray! This is going to be great!

  • ldrnomo

    How can we join?

  • Chaserious

    This looks very well planned. Hopefully it is the beginning of something great. Best of luck to all of you who are heading this up.

  • cedars

    Thanks Idrnomo - there is a questionnaire to download and email to us on our website. Here is the link to the volunteer page...



  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Fantastic job guys!

  • Phizzy

    I am ecstatic ! This is the most wonderful and most positive development to come out of the XJW community EVER !

    The video is simply perfect ! the tone of its delivery and its content are non-threatening and a thinking JW coming across it will be moved to find out more, just wonderful !

    Thanks Cedars for all your work, and thanks to all who took part, and who are working in to the future.

    Many trapped JW's will find freedom via this resource.

  • stuckinamovement

    I got chills. Great work.


  • sir82

    Very interesting.

    Of course loyal JWs will view this organization as Satanic, evil, etc.

    It will scare the bejeebers out of them. "Did you hear there is actually an entire organization of apostates who are committted to destroying God's organization! The horror!"

    On the other hand, it will be useful for "moles" dissidents, etc. to have a central location to deposit secrets, leaks, etc.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Looks like there may be a broken link to the volunteer questionaire. No problem - we'll have it fixed very soon.


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