Are You Afraid of Contracting The Covid Virus?

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  • BourneIdentity
  • frozen2018

    RubaDub wrote:

    "If you people drove on the right side of the road then things would be better."

    I spent some time in New Zealand a few years ago. A Kiwi friend told me, "In America you drive on the right side of the rode. In New Zealand, we drive on the proper side."

    That's a really good line.

  • RubaDub

    @ Bourneldenentity .....

    I like that. As my neighbor told me who works in a hospital, the hospitals get a lot more $$$$$ from the government if the person tests positive for COVID-19 and then dies, whether the person knows he/she has it or not.

  • minimus

    Bourne, that was funny!!! As was said earlier, There is a financial incentive to state everything is because of Covid. A lot of it is bullshit

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