Are You Afraid of Contracting The Covid Virus?

by minimus 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Thankfully my best friend who got this terrible malady is doing well after being in the hospital for more than two months!

    I see some people who are still petrified over this virus. They are still virtual prisoners in their own homes. Then I know some who refuse to wear a mask and berate anyone that does.

    Do you live your life worried about catching this disease??

  • dogisgod

    I’m not terrified but I am staying home. Vigilant about the mask, washing hand and wearing gloves. Only go to the store when I have to. I really don’t want to suffer from this and then suffocate. I think the virus will end the JWs. Without constant brain washing at the meetings and assemblies they will drift.

  • minimus

    It’s odd but I think some people are just fine never having to go out of your home unless it’s necessary. My ex always was a homebody and she told me she loves working from home and never having to leave unless it’s food shopping

  • Queequeg

    I was probably more careful at first, but I still make a point of hand washing and disinfecting. I wear a mask, since it's mandated here anyway.

    As far as staying home, it's pretty easy for me. We live on the edge of the forest, deer and other animals are in our yard every day. I've got a nice workshop with lots of tools and a greenhouse. Our house is big enough that it's easy to have our own space. My Special Ladyfriend is a good looking blond, just that's enough to stay home for.

    We have a big deck that wraps around the house, so we can have friends over and easily social distance. Even though we're home, we spend most of our time outside.

    We're definitely not petrified about the disease, but in our case it's not a hardship to be safe. If I was living in and apartment in the middle of a city... that would be tough.

    Glad your friend is doing well.

  • frozen2018

    I'm not worried about contracting it. Contracting COVID is kind of a foredrawn conclusion in my opinion. I'm also not obsessed with the idea that if I contract it I'll die. I guess it's possible. It's also possible that I'll slip and fall in the shower and die, but I still take showers. I do take precautions. I mask up in a crowd, I make sure I'm getting plenty of vitamin D, and I am exercising more as I do have a couple of underlying conditions. People need to keep this in perspective. Heart disease leads to 650,000 deaths per year in the USA because we are fat and lazy. If people worried more about heart disease and took action to prevent it, people would be healthier to fight off any viral infection including COVID. So get off your couch, get outdoors into the sunshine, and get moving. It'll do your heart and your immune system a lot of good. Speaking of which, I need to get off the couch and go for a bike ride. I'm peddling 15-20 miles three times a week. It does wonders for my body and mind.

  • BourneIdentity

    I take all the precautions like social distance, mask, hand sanitizer and washing hands. I don’t let fear hold me back, I go anywhere I want taking those precautions. I know I very well could contract it and worst case, I die. If that happens, that’s life.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Without constant brain washing at the meetings and assemblies they will drift.

    Sweet that would be good for humanity.

    That would save a few hundred lives a year.

    I used to be very careful at first back in March but now I just keep a safe distance from people where there is a lot ie. grocery stores, work , parks.

    You got make the best of it, until a vaccine is publicly distributed.

  • minimus

    I’m not comfortable flying but I’ve always felt that it seems everyone that flies winds up not feeling so good . I have no issue going into a grocery store or Walmart or playing tennis or being around a small group of friends without a mask

  • newsheep

    Been on the brink of death once so if I can prevent it I will. I wear my mask, wash my hands, hand sanitizers in the vehicles and social distance. We live on a hundred and twenty acres of bush, have a shop/business and tons of wild life out here. Live seven minutes away from a lake if we want to go fishing and we also have a river going through on the back of our property. Go into town only for groceries and doctors appointments. I don't miss people at all

  • RubaDub

    I’m not comfortable flying but I’ve always felt that it seems everyone that flies winds up not feeling so good .

    Min .......

    I've never enjoyed flying (even though I have totaled over 1 million miles over the years) just due to the crap involved in the flying process (unless I get upgraded and then it is better).

    Now, I would not go close to an airport. If a client needs something, it is done online.

    Between my wife's frequent flyer miles from her job, my miles and credit card airline miles, wife and I have traveled to more countries than I wish to admit to but now ... we have Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea on our bucket list but in this situation with the virus thing we will just spend more time on our boat fishing and having a beer or three.

    If this thing lasts any longer, we have agreed to buy a cheap little travel trailer that I can pull with my truck and in the Spring just go across the country, up into Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, whatever) and as long as we have a good internet connection just work out of the camper. I just can't stay in my house for months at a time. It gives me a rash and an anal itch.

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