I never understood field service...

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  • ToesUp

    Everyone hates field serve us. They only ones that "like" it are the older or more affluent ones. They ones that can't or don't have to work. It is all about the socialization.

    We have 2 members of our family that pioneer. Two of the laziest people I have EVER met in my life. Trust me...if pioneering was hard, these 2 would be the last people that would sign up. They like it because they get to do two of their favorite things, sit and gossip.

  • Heaven

    Joliette said: Every Saturday morning....it felt like slavery.

    This says it all, right here. Religion is Slavery.

    I have to agree with you Joliette about not understanding field service. I actually never went out as I couldn't find the specific scripture stating handing out Awake! and Watchtower magazines door-to-door was the 'works' Christ spoke about in the Bible and that this would ensure my eternal life. My Mom tried to tell me I was risking this but she could never back it up specifically with a scripture that says these magazines had to be handed out.

    Of course, we all know now it's really just busy work. It isn't that effective but it makes JWs think they are doing God's work.

    Edited to add: In the 25+ years my Dad went door-to-door he never once convinced someone to join. Those are some really crappy results.

  • Divergent
    In the 25+ years my Dad went door-to-door he never once convinced someone to join. Those are some really crappy results.

    I had the misfortune of being a born-in & was dragged out in service since young. Finally had enough & quit in my 20's. That's 20+ years also. Guess how many people I brought into the truth?

    Zero. Thankfully!

    PS: I guess I was a lousy publisher

  • dugout
    Very interesting, I been in for 50yrs all my life never aided anybody in the Lie I mean truth though field service. Always hated it. WE ARE SO ANNOYING TO PEOPLE. I aided one classmate in. My loving wife has been in since 1974 (brought in by a cousin)Loves the field. Never even had a study. I remember this girl I knew who was a musician who asked me to study with her. I asked my wife to study with her since she a female. Do you know my wife said NO. WTF?? Loves that field though.
  • Ding
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  • Ding
    Particularly when handing out an Awake! with articles about "interesting insects of Brazil" or other "lifesaving" messages...
  • sowhatnow

    I always asked my mom how it is that other religious faiths dont go door to door yet they have more members.

    I knew for a long time door to door was not a 'command' for people and thus stopped years before i left. [and funny no one questioned me]

    One would reason, if the world is such a bad place with such evil minded people, and yes risky people, WHY on earth would you send two children or women to a strangers door, in bad areas or secluded areas and basically trespass on someones property for no reason other that to tell them they believe wrong? how is that an attractive faith to belong to? lol

    Its no more than harassment IMO. I never felt that it was proper to do such a thing.

  • Ding

    Did anyone here ever have his or her hours questioned, such as if you reported 2 hours and your partner reported only 1 hour for the same period of service?

    On the other side of the coin, has anyone here ever been told that you were entitled to count more hours than what you reported, especially when the CO was about to visit and the elders wanted to have better numbers to report?

    Were you ever encouraged to report some hours (maybe for informal witnessing) so the congregation could lower its percentage of inactive ones?

  • Diogenesister
    Kaik it sounds like you were in paradise...Carpathians..summer morning..a good friend...a nice pack lunch...hot cup of tea..mmmm..I can just smell it❤
  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Publishing house understands field service, its the working vehicle that made its own organization grow and proliferate its publications.

    All it needed to do was make up some alluring spurious doctrines such Christ has returned and Armageddon soon and wallah you have an religious publishing organization / cult .

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