I never understood field service...

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  • Lieu

    You go out in FS because Rutherford was a (door to door) book salesman and that's how he paid for college. He didn't know how to do anything else and he needed to make money.

    The 70 Jesus sent out were all male. There is only one account of him doing so. The rest who went out and about did so because not many knew about Christ; their sole purpose was to tell everyone about him.

    FS is irrelevant in most countries today because people already know who Jesus is and what he did. They're waiting around for his second coming too.

  • Vidiot

    Joliette - "...I actually almost got attacked by a Rottweiler once. I didnt get paid for it, nobody listened to us, I actually had guys make passes at me while I was out doing street corner, I was always afraid I would get grouped and raped..."

    Ah, but you were "suffering for righteousness' sake"...


    ...isn't that happifying?

  • Vidiot

    The Rebel - "...Please pay particular attention to page 15 where we present even more reasons why Jehover will destroy you and your family if you don't convert..."

  • truthseeker100
    Service in the Watchtower is self imposed slavery nothing more! LOL
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I just didn't do it. Just put a number on a slip that's all.
  • kaik

    Diogenesister, Carpathian mountains are beautiful from Czech/Slovak borders (White Carpathians) to Polish/Ukraine/Slovak borders to Romania. Some deepest and best preserved woods in Europe, far from industrial city life. I was born in city, but I liked to escape for weekend into nature. We hiked sometimes up to 18-25 miles. The villagers were generally friendly, religious, and we can easily strike conversation, unlike in the city. We could pet sheep, goats, and pick raspberries along the way. My JW aunt tried once and was complaining that the forest trails were bad, and it was funny to see idiotic men in suit and tie walk through deep woods and mud.

    Once we had elderette that refused to sit at farmer house by table because she considered the motifs demonic. It was hilarious. We were in this huge old farmhouse, and the old man had handcrafted table from 19th century. As in the mountains, the motifs were showing village life, sheep, wolves, etc, but this woman insisted that the wolves are satanic and refused to sit by the table or touch it.

    Once I know JW family who went to field service into the mountains with their extremely spoiled city brats, and the kid was running around the cowshed until he felt into the septic tank/manure storage. They have to fish him out, what I heard he swallowed a bit, and they could not get the smell out of him for a while.

  • Clambake

    Knock knock

    Who is there?

    We are Jehovah's witnesses

    What do you want?

    We just want to talk?

    How many is there of you?

    There is two of us.

    Why don't you guys just talk to each other?

  • Clambake

    I asked my wife in her 20 plus years of fs if she ever got into some odd or deep theological debates or discussions.

    She said no.

    I found that depressing.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The thing that killed me was that no matter how hard I tried to overcome objections, no matter how much I prepared, etc as soon as I would leave a door I would be slammed for not doing better by my JW partner. I pioneered in a hall where there were 10 pioneers and one of the worst days of my life this other 'pioneer sister" in front of all the others asked me "WHAT GOOD DO YOU DO PIONEERING!!!?" WHAT GOOD!!!?" I just sat there stunned at her huge anger at me. She demanded that she "WANTED AN ANSWER!!! All the other pioneers just sat there staring at me waiting for me to say something. I just mumbled that I guess I did not good, and she said "YES! AND WHY DO YOU EVEN BOTHER!!!?"

    Well I bothered because I was married to an elder and we were assigned to the hall because the need was great for elders and I had to go out in service because the faithful-slave demanded it of me.

    One time I started a study on the first call, I was so excited and I stupidly told the older brother in the car who was an elder and in his 60's. This elder was SO PISSED at me. I mean MAD beyond MAD. I was shocked at his anger and he demanded that I give him the address because I was going to turn it over to someone else. He told me his reason was because I was so poor that I did not have the money to buy a car, I had just moved out of my extremely abusive parents home and I just could not afford a car. Well this elder and his exact words were "I will not have you using the friends to take you on a study this far from the hall.

    Oh talk about being bit at the door by dogs, Six time, I was attracted twice where I just made it inside the car with the dog ready to kill me with all the other JW's inside laughing their head off at my pain.

    I have had guns pulled on me, my life threatened more time then I care to number. Been robbed at gun point because of being demanded that we go out in a area that was not safe but hey Jehovah will protect us, Well he must of been asleep that day.

    Yes I hate field service and found no joy in it at all.


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