November Is The Cruelest Month

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  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    JRK, your mom sounds like an extraordinary woman. My heart goes out to you. I, too, am struggling with loss. The nursing home my mom is in has been calling every day. My mom's physical health is declining. It is time. She has no memory, no ability to communicate and no quality of life. She in in the end stages of Lewy Body Dementia. My youngest sister was just diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I'm just feeling so sad and at a loss.

    My husband has spent the entire week helping his JW parents. My mother-in-law fell and broke her hip and shoulder, and my father-in-law fractured his back helping her to her bed. There has been some healing. My father-in-law has been quite appreciative of my husband's help. It's an extraordinary man who can help his aging parents after nearly 50 years of shunning. You sound like that kind of man to me.

    May you find peace,


  • JRK

    Mom is back home with me tonight:

  • JRK


    I am sorry that your family is having so many health problems currently. The losses are what hurts the most.

    Your husband does sound like an amazing man. I appreciate your kind words about me. I just did the best I could.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear JK:

    My parents are both similarly situated.

    Wish they were here . . . alive.

    Wishing you peace. I know it's difficult.



  • JRK

    I am burning the candle to light her way. I chose the candle with the cardinal because she so loved to watch the cardinals eating the suet that I had in the tree outside the front window. She also loved the mountains and lived in the Smoky Mountains for a while before coming back home to Indiana. So I am glad they chose that scenic box for her.


  • JRK


    I am sorry you have lost your parents. Death is a bitter pill to swallow. Peace to you too.


  • JRK

    The house smells of cinnamon from the candle. That is appropriate since she loved cinnamon toast with lots of butter. I hope she is enjoying it. I am not extinguishing it and it will burn until it goes out on its own.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    JRK I hope you can rest tonight. You are a good son and you lost your beloved mother. No matter how much we dislike death, that is what happens to all living things. It doesn't make it any easier though. She was your hero. You of course miss her. To lose someone we love, is one of the hardest things that can happen to us.

    To keep her memory alive you need to look after yourself. Be good to yourself like your mom was good to you. Eat well. Exercise. Get some fresh air. Remember all the good happy times. How sweet of you to light a cinnamon scented candle with a red cardinal on it. All for the happy time, memories of her.

    I am sorry she had to leave you. All parents usually go first. It is just the way life is. If she could have stayed and lived to be 100, you know she would have stayed. She wouldn't want this to be such a painful time for you. You know she would want to comfort you and make you happy and not make you cry.

    I am a mother myself. In your mom's behalf, would you mind if I might send you a big, warm, comforting hug to you, to help console you at this very sad time? I have fluffed your pillows and your bed is all warm and cosy. I kiss your forehead and wish you a good night and sweet dreams. I am sure your mom loved you very much and if you were my son, I would add before turning off the lights, good night my son. I love you JRK more than you will ever know. Night, night.

  • flipper

    My dear friend, I know you hurt bad right now , and unfortunately those tears we cry are part of the healing as well. No shortcuts around it I'm afraid. As I write this I'm feeling your pain. It's hard and it is dificult. It's the same pain I felt just a year ago almost to the day when my hero mom died as well. This you tube I'm posting from David Gilmour playing High Hopes helped me to get those deep emotions and feelings out in the open and as strange as it sounds these healing tears will eventually with time ease the pain. I hope it helps you too. Please listen at the end to Gilmour's beautiful acoustic guitar conclusion and let me know if it touches you. I send this with love in my heart for you bro. Will call you later today. Peace & love bro, Flipper

  • eyeuse2badub


    I lost my mom 11 years ago-----in November also. She was a legend in her own time. Loved and remembered by all because of her generosity beyond belief. She raised all of her children (me included) as jw's and 3 of the 5 have remained jw's-- so far! She was part of the "greatest generation", having lived through the 'great depression', WWll, etc. I still miss her and think about her often and her 'pearls of wisdom'.

    just saying!

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