Did Jesus pre exist? Yes or no?

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  • UnshackleTheChains
    Is Antony Buzzard saying, in effect, that " the word" was God's plan? That Jesus *did not* exist before he was begotten in Mary's womb. That he was part of GOD.


    Yes. To answer your question, Anthony Buzzard appears to be referring to the word as Gods 'overall plan' (not the son). God used characters like Abraham, Moses, David, the prophets etc to promote that plan for the earth.

    God's beloved son 'jesus Christ' who was literally the son of man (born of a human -Mary, conceived by God's holy spirit) was the culmination of that plan for the earth, to take away sin and reign as king of kings.

    If you watch the very first video in the op, Anthony Buzzard explains it really well.

    Thanks for all your replies.


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