You Are Unsuitable!

by Divergent 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Clever wording of cult-like mind control. Subtle wording of belonging to the Borg or you are dead meat.
  • MrMonroe
    They can't make up their minds: either we are the "lost sheep" worthy of a loving plea to "Return to Jehovah" or we are unsuitable fish who were never any good to begin with.
  • Lieu
    Hilarious and sad really.
    Not wanting to be involved with JWS = unsuitable
    Leaving JWS = Leaving God
    Not agreeing with unbiblical rules of men = Refusing God's rulership
    So WTBTS has made itself = God.
    (I thought they claim Christ is ruling, albeit invisibly.)
    And since when has a fish decided to be unsuitable?
    Aside from those obvious ridiculous comparisons, the parable has nothing to do with a particular group, it has to do with wicked people and good people. What makes one wicked or good is one's own actions during a lifetime.
    But, sigh, what's to be expected from a piece of a verse so normally taken out of context, the JW way?
  • ToesUp

    "They can't make up their minds: either we are the "lost sheep" worthy of a loving plea to "Return to Jehovah" or we are unsuitable fish who were never any good to begin with."

    Great point! Typical JW contradictions. I am currently reverse shunning some. I have the attitude that the JW's are unsuitable for my family. Two can play the game! Why should they have all the fun? lol

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    So I am labelled "unsuitable" based on my refusal to follow a cult ... which has misinterpreted the Bible

    Speaking of which, their interpretation of this very text is a blatant misinterpretation. The text is obviously referring to the final judgment and destruction of the wicked and preservation of the righteous at the very end of "the system of things".

  • Divergent
    That's the problem. They have completely misinterpreted the scripture & are taking it into their hands to judge people as "unsuitable" rather than leaving it to Jesus to judge!
  • steve2

    Their metaphors do my head in.

    I can picture a strayed sheep returning to the fold, but try as I might I cannot picture how an unsuitable fish can be made suitable.

    If anyone finds out how this occurs, let me know. The fishing industry would love to know how rejected seafood can be made safely edible.

  • Clambake

    I find JWs have the same mentality of militant atheists. They start from a position they are right and everyone else is just stupid for believing what they believe.

    When they start talking about Armageddon ask questions like

    -Ask them to explain the difference between the church and Israel?

    -Where does it say that everyone alive at Armageddon will be destroyed forever but everyone who has died has a new hope on Paradise earth?

    -Ask about the concept of salvation though association and works and how only seven men enter into this new covenant with god. If this was god plan for mankind salvation wouldn’t be a consistent theme though the bible? (Other than twisting a parable)

    Ask them if they ask answer any of those questions using nothing but a bible and get them to explain to you after why you are not worthy in gods eyes.

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