Is it me or is John Cedars channel becoming a self important circle fest

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  • StephaneLaliberte
    the truth about the truth a... Not sure we need another movie there have been many documentary's made on the cult

    I agree, unless there is a fresh take on the JWs. Its like the 1989 Batman movie... when it was done again in 2005, many doubted it would work, and yet it was met with phenominal success; and the 2008 version was even better!

    Who knows, perhaps that documentary will be awesome! (but I still have strong doubts!)

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'm not sure what a "circle fest" is but I like the professional way he delivers the information and how he consistently lays it all out in an organized manner and does so on a regular basis. More power to him if he's able to offset his time and efforts with a little income.

    If I didn't like his presentation, or didn't agree with his way of doing things, I wouldn't listen to him. If I felt it was wrong for him to make money from his work, I wouldn't contribute. If I was jealous or resentful of his obvious success, I'd probably criticize him on other forums.

    As far as I'm concerned, he's free to do his videos any way he wants. That's why they're called "HIS VIDEOS".

    I understand it’s easy to criticise what he did with the crisis of conscience but for those of us waking up at that time it is probably the single most important book to read to help with that process, it wasn’t available, easy to say what he did was wrong but I for one thank him for doing it and I’m sure I’m not the only one, it is a matter of timing on when you woke up

    I think I feel sorry for those criticising him, he has helped hundreds if not thousands of people wake up, Whilst going through the most traumatising period of their life he has been a voice of reason with all but Un-faulting accuracy, You don’t have to like him,you don’t have to like his methods, you don’t have to watch him, but the lives of many many people would be worse off if he hadn’t produced the series of videos that he has produced,
    Those of you who are fully awake and have been for many years generally seem to be the ones that don’t like him but a lot of his videos aren’t really for you guys,
    When i read through this thread and look at the faults that he has then compare them to the good he has done I would be embarrassed to point out any faults
    Myself I have pretty much moved on from watching his videos, to watch a two hour YouTube commentary on JW is more than I would want to watch now however a few years ago I simply couldn’t get enough,
    Personally I would only ever want to thank the activists that have put in huge amount of time and effort, including Simon on this forum, XJ W analyser, Barbara Anderson, fifth , Kim and Mikey, XJ W critical thinker, And the many others of course including John Cedars
  • Gorbatchov

    It"s a kind of Cinderela dissorder.


  • dozy

    John Cedars certainly divides people. I used to be a fan , but recently I have kind of lost interest , unless there is a big breaking news in JW world ( such as the GB member buying crates of whisky.

    As others have said , I wish now that he would shorten his videos - surely he could do an analysis of the monthly JW broadcasting videos in 30 or 40 minutes , bearing in mind that much of the broadcast it is just repetitive filler , especially the Gilead Graduation talks. I couldn't really be bothered listening for 2 and a half hours.

    Otherwise if you wish to support him via Patreon or Indiegogo or buying his T-Shirts etc then up to you , I suppose.

  • RubaDub

    The air fryer really works fine now. It's not the Cedar's version but the Emeril version.

  • Listener

    Very funny Dozy but his Patreon 'Greece' level sounds so enticing. In his words $10 a month will give me

    "Receive all the previous rewards, including: a link to participate in the recording of the monthly Patreon livestream, in which I will respond to your comments and questions live! Once it's over, the livestream video will be available exclusively for patrons."

    Oh, the privelages, ready and waiting for me from JC himself, what a wonderful blessing! It feels and even looks very familiar.

  • slimboyfat

    I had a look today and I can see what people mean by saying the channel is cluttered.

    Does anyone know if the channel covered Rolf Furuli’s new book in any of the videos?

  • RubaDub

    I had a look today and I can see what people mean by saying the channel is cluttered.

    @slimboyfat ...

    I see it too.

    I wanted to buy the non-stick fry pan offer and couldn't get through. I was on hold so long I just gave up. Maybe they will have the offer again.

  • phoenixrising

    You mean his putting together the Millennial falcon snap together toy video was not entertaining?

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