Today's W.T on GB not being inspired is having ZERO impact on most J.W's

by Isambard Crater 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • SAHS

    “blondie”: They usually toss that [in] once in a while;

    They do this just so that, technically speaking, they can say that, Yes, they do acknowledge in their literature that they are, indeed, infallible. . . . . Although, in practice, they will always say that they are Jehovah’s one-and-only spirit-directed organization.

    I’m sure glad that I’m now among the ranks who have woken up to actually using their head (other than just for seating their hat/cap).

  • Bad_Wolf

    What's the date, page, and article title of the WT you are referring to? I want to look it up.

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