People hate God?

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  • Mephis

    Shall we Stephen Fry? Yes, let's Stephen Fry.

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    Looter, you are not here to discuss anything. So bugger off.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Stephen Fry asks important questions for which Theists have unsatisfying answers.

  • looter

    First of all, who said I of all people hate the other Gods? I don't hate them, it's called respect. Don't put words in my mouth like that. Anyone here who says that Yeshua is a fictional character is so blasphemous it's a shame. You all should be ashamed to say stuff like that especially when you believed in it so firmly once upon a time. It makes me so sick to my stomach to read that nonsense. How could he be a fictional character when a you atheists voice your own displeasure against him for not saving someone in your life when you were probably the person that started it and was bitter. If God is bitter it's because of the people here who are bitter toward him. Why are you guys so angry? Just tell the truth and say that you hate the creator and want to change.

    And just why would it take exhaustive investigation for someone to find out they disbelieve in God? To me, that's called self-propaganda. That means a person must have got used to the ways of his upbringing and attempted to do the same thing to themselves to achieve something better. But they don't realize they just made their whole life worse. They did all that purposely because they chose to not be faithful and strong. They let the cults ruin their perception of God beyond recovery, along with their own stubbornness and attempted to basically make it worse by participating in the knowing of what they might call evidence, or really just a reason to not trust in God. How sad. And I would hope everyone can learn from this but a lot of the atheists on this forum are just too set in their own ways. Again, sad.


    You all should be ashamed to say stuff like that especially when you believed in it so firmly once upon a time.....Looter


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    Looter......did you hear this much growing up?

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    Barrold Bonds
    Fuck off Looter
  • garyneal

    Looter, if God really exists and is everything you say then does he really need defending?

    People hate Him, people don't hate Him, so what?

    Why must it be YOUR job to vindicate Him?

    If you really know love then show it. Listen to people, try to understand their position. Didn't Paul say that if you're doing these things without love then you're a resounding gong?

    Meditate on that before you try to tell a nonbeliever what he or she is thinking.

  • wizzstick

    Looter - 7 months ago, on another thread, you wrote this:

    Hello, all. I'm in a crazy situation. About a year ago, I was going to get baptized. It was all planned and arranged until TTATT was learned. We all were about to study the Inspired publication for me to get baptized and since I learned the TTATT I blatantly refused. When my father found out, he became furious and said that if I wasn't baptized by the time I was 18, then he'd kick me out of the house.

    We didn't talk about it for like 6 months after that but lately he has been very short tempered in the way he was when he first learned I refused. Will be 18 in 4 months and his attitude right now is making me nervous. I don't know what to do. My mother is homeless and an alcoholic and I really don't want anything to do with her because the people who she hangs out with are part of a bad gang.

    So should I just get baptized even knowing TTATT or be homeless? I'm doing pretty well in school right now and have an afterschool job but the way he is acting right now just makes everything unnecessarily intense. I love my father and want him to be happy but don't want to do the wrong thing by getting baptized even though he knows I'm not really into it anymore. What shall I do?

    Learning TTATT is one thing but you've hit the hurdle that so many others have hit before you.

    Is there a loving God? Shouldn't I believe in something?

    Please keep an open mind and keep researching. There is a reason why so many on here are atheists. It's because the evidence and logic leans that way.

    Read Bart Ehrman, Dan Barker, Christopher Hitchins, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins etc.

    Learning the truth about faith is liberating in so many ways.

    It may look scary but in years to come you'll be so grateful.

  • nicolaou

    Looter is just 18? I didn't realise that but it does throw some light on his posts. My two sons are now 27 & 28 but as teenagers they did, of course, know absolutely everything!

    Looter, some friendly advice. Post a little less and read a little more. Be less dogmatic and doubt more. Doubt is a good thing.

    Good luck.

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