People hate God?

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  • looter

    It is a pain that certain individuals pride themselves on hating God, who created everything. Like it's understandable that you choose to not believe in him because of your selfishness or thinking skills but to hate him is forcing it a bit. I'm very thankful that those such as myself have the courage to believe in the Lord. I mean, many hospitals, poverty, and relief organizations have been founded in his name and if people failed to have faith then would we have those aids today? No, because without God the world would be in even more chaos. Most atheists sure put a lot of effort into something that they think doesn't exist. But it all makes sense that they hate him not necessarily disbelieve.

    It also makes sense that some atheists are in a state of religious rebellion so perplexing that it strains their common understanding of faith to it's breaking point. So there. They are really rebels deep inside and don't want to admit it so they constantly make up stories of how God is false and not real even though they are only hurting themselves. But you all are probably thinking, why do I care so much about them? I like to think of some on this forum as intelligent people who reject God from a sense of moral despair because of the amount of injustice and suffering that they witness in this world.

    At the same time, you all are kind of defeating yourselves because you'll never try and voice your true opinion about God, instead you continue to proclaim he doesn't exist which is impossible. Why? Because if he didn't exist you wouldn't hate him so much. And if you actually said to everyone that you hated God, you'd face prison, fines, and maybe even death. Now it's not only atheist who hate God, there are other types of people who hate them, but the same applies to them as well.

  • Crazyguy

    I have a child that has what is known as the most painful condition on earth. I watched her suffer and almost die more then once. I would sand out side her bedroom door listening through the door at night to make sure she was still alive or breathing. God did nothing, God didn't help her help her pain or gives us a cure or cure her himself. If I saw a person in pain even a stranger and could help in anyway I would instantly! God did nothing! I have more love in my smallest finger then God does in his whole being. I am better then God and yes I do hate him he's a prick !!!!!!!

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    You seem to have an uncanny ability to read the hearts and minds of people you've never met. Is it that voice in your head telling you these things? How often do you hear this voice? Does this voice ever tell you to harm yourself or others? Do you have children? Does this voice ever tell you to harm (drown) your children, as other Christians have done at the behest of this voice? When you read about Abraham being willing to brutally kill his own son, does this voice in your head say, "Yes, kill... kill."?

  • sparky1

    "I'm very thankful that those such as myself have the courage to believe in the Lord." -Looter

  • Viviane
    Like it's understandable that you choose to not believe in him because of your selfishness or thinking skills but to hate him is forcing it a bit.

    Choose not to believe? That's like saying I choose not to believe in unicorns orbiting the moon. There's just no evidence for it. This why, when people like you use the words "thinking skills", it's a perfect example of Viv's Law.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Most people either like or dislike fictitious characters. Hollywood films are full of fictitious characters that people love and hate.

    The fictitious god of the Bible is just another character that we respond to.

    That's not too difficult to grasp is it?

  • Wayward

    looter, its the condescending and superior attitude of believers like yourself that bring out this atheist's fangs and claws. I consider myself a live and let live person. You want to believe, good for you. Don't ram it down my throat. I had enough of that when I was a kid. I don't want to listen to a pious holier-than-thou sermon any more than you want to listen to a speech about atheism.

    Second, you know absolutely nothing about what brought me to being an atheist. I certainly didn't set out to become one (not realizing I was one all along even while I was trying to force myself to believe). It was reading the Bible that brought home to me that it didn't make sense. When you look, REALLY look, its all nonsense. Why does a supposedly all-knowing, all-powerful supernatural being need me to worship and adore him/her/it? That's one massive, insecure ego! It's like me expecting an ant to worship adore me. Makes no sense.

    I don't hate God any more than I hate other imaginary beings such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. It's simply something I grew out of thinking I needed.


    People hate God?

    Looter just keeps reeling them in!..


    I`ll start another thread later about..

    "People Who Hate God!"

    THIS IS SO DAMN EASY!!.......LOL!!..

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  • DJS

    Calm down you heathen atheists. Looter has a bee in his bonnet for me. I'm the un-remorseful god hater; not you.


    At times like this I'm reminded of the words of that famous man of International Intrigue Austin Powers: "Do I make you horny, baby? Do I?"

    I think we all know the answer to that now, don't we. I'm feeling your pain (thank god for cyber fire walls and that is all I have to feel). I read recently where, due to the changes made to your subsidized ObamaCare, Viagra is no longer covered. I'm flattered to be your SHORT-term replacement to get you in the mood until you find another provider that will subsidize your, well you know. See Alice?

    But really, Princess, this obsession can't be healthy for you, and you know it will always be unrequited. Nothing personal, but inter-species matches never work out. For your own mental, emotional and psychological health, Looter, you really need to seek counseling to get over me.

    It's tough. I know.

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