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  • undercover
    You ask about my comments on JCanon's views on chronology. Simply speaking his views are rubbish, he has no academic credentials and hides behind a stupid nickname. I cannot regard him or his chronology with any respect. I would prefer to deal with the Jonsson hypothesis as then I know what devil I am dealing with.

    Who at the WTS has academic credentials? None of the GB has degrees in religion, history, archeology, etc. Does this mean that we should consider their views as rubbish? Does this mean we cannot regard their chronology with any respect? By your reasoning we would have to assume so.

  • cat1759


    You have made some considerable points when you met with the elder. Congratulations.

    . I do so enjoy JCanon and his posts.

    I have enjoyed reading the irritations through this thread.

    Scholar back up what you say, that is all that was asked. Why can't you help out after spewing crap?

    Just one thing that bothers me here.

    I can can assure that I am an active JW

    Scholar if you are an active jw why are you on this site? Just wondering as I thought the internet was banned. Why bother coming on to a known apostate sight when you could be spreading the good news through the countries to help bring about this long overdue Armaggedon?

    Also the point you made towards JC and credentials, I then realized the other points about GB having no credentials but we all followed them. How can you follow those that you outwardly condemn because they don't have credentials and you do. Do you really have credentials? I love the bible. Always wished I could go to school to learn the bible and come out with credentials. Maybe in my next life. Working towards an Astrology degree as we speak.


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