Who really is the faithful and discreet* slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?

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  • punkofnice

    If in fact in 1919 the faithful slave was chosen as God’s channel on earth, and Christ Jesus, the Master approved of them, why is it that we do not still teach the things taught back then? Why are they considered, "old light"? Yet it was considered truth for that time. Truth does not revert back to falsehood if it was indeed truth to begin with. Why has the slave rejected what the master had approved of?

  • Finkelstein

    He found the Watchtower doing his will when he came to power and appointed them over all his earthly

    Yes he found the false prophets/profits teaching of Pyramidology (1919 and before) , such as C T Russell the founder of Zion's Watchtower and Russell had no problem with celebrating Christmas, birthdays, working in governments etc .etc.

    The man who took over the WTS J Rutherford built a luxury home for the resurrected ancient worthies to live in the 1920's, where he live with his mistress in a adulterated affair until his death.

    Out of these two individual's ignorance and corruption the Jehovah Witness religion was spawned.

    Yes Jehovah and son Jesus sure picked the right people

    Or maybe this self asserting proclamation was just propagated by these men to support their literature proliferation agenda and to self empower themselves as well. ????


  • punkofnice
    Geoff Jackson at the Australian Royal Commission Aug 15
    Angus Stewart Q. And do you see yourselves as Jehovah God's spokespeople on earth?
    His holiness the rock star watchtower pope wacko Jacko answered with. "That I think, would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using."

    So, that leads me to ask, who does gluttonous pope, wacko jacko mean?

    What is/are the other religions that are 'god approved'?

  • sparky1

    Twelve years after being chosen as the so-called 'Faithful and Discreet Slave' they were still using the 'cross' as a Christian symbol. Would you care to tell me why Jehovah and Jesus allowed this if they indeed had the truth? And as a side note, current teaching is that the 'faithful and discreet slave' will be appointed over 'Christ's' belonging's in the future. You are teaching 'old light' in your post. You need to reread the July 2013 Watchtower article entitled: Who Really is The Faithful and Discreet Slave?

  • sir82


    Don't feed the troll.

    This poster just regurgitates his spin on JW teachings then runs away, afraid to engage in discussion.

    A pity - at first he was responding to posts, but as he was a complete and utter failure at defending his beliefs, now he just posts one opening statement, then tucks his tail between his legs and runs away.

  • rickroll

    It was an allegory not a real thing.

  • LeeT


    JWs believe this was in 1914 -1919 when he [Jesus] came into power

    Garbage in, garbage out.
    What makes you think that is true?

  • Vidiot
    Alex Williams - "Who really is the faithful and discreet slave...?"

    This guy:

  • Finkelstein

    Let it be clearly understood that the Watchtower Corporation/JWS has been preaching a false and tainted version of the Gospel, under the endeavoring engagement of literature proliferation.

    So what that scripturally identifies the JWS is an organization as false prophets, following sinning men condemned by god.

  • punkofnice
    Sir82 - Don't feed the troll.

    I don't think this poster is genuine...not one bit! A genuine Jobo wouldn't post on here, let alone read posts.

    ....but it's fun!

    I hang my head in shame....I have no life.

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