Trump Says Biden “Won” The Election But It Was Rigged

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  • MeanMrMustard


    Thats because there was fraud, Trump even won California. .... just kidding.

    It has always been about the mail-in ballots. The normal procedure of requesting a ballot first was eliminated in MI, PA, and GA. Ballots were sprinkled over the states, causing an impossible situation to tracking sent/received and auditing. But worst of all, and this is what most of the affidavits from Rudy seem to state, that signature checks were purposely dropped.

    So, Barnes (video above) seems correct. After the 2000/FL/Gore incident, the idea of risk limiting audits, WITH signature checks, was an agreed upon way to approach situations like this. I don’t think it is unreasonable to get these checks.

  • Rattigan350

    Trump did get more votes than OBiden did.

    Trump got 71 million, OBiden just got a few thousand. The rest went to antitrumpers wanting Trump out but not for OBiden.

  • Simon

    Evidence is being released today.

    Judge has issued an order preventing PA certifying the current "results"

    The election is back on. It was never off of course, but it'll become more difficult for the media to pretend it's all legit and try to move on with their unsubstantiated claims that Biden won.

    In other news, a recent poll of dem voters showed that 17% would not have voted as they did, had they seen the reports of Bidens laptop and family corruption that the media supressed.

    This is coup attempt #2 by the Obama regime.

  • TD

    Patricia McCullough is pretty far outside of the bounds of her authority as a Commonwealth Court Judge and her ruling really needs to be confirmed or disconfirmed (As the case may be) by the state Supreme Court.

    There is a perception here and elsewhere that this a, "No harm no foul" situation vis-à-vis the election.

    It's not.

    If we don't get some solid evidence for this flood of lawsuits, heads will roll and people will go to jail

  • bennyk
    Attorney General Josh Shapiro said that McCullough’s order doesn’t undo the state’s certification of the presidential results, which had been completed on Tuesday, with state officials announcing that former Vice President Joe Biden received 88,000 more votes in Pennsylvania than President Donald Trump.
    “This order does not impact yesterday’s appointment of electors,” Shapiro said in a statement. Under state law, the winner of the popular vote gets Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral college votes.

    State appeals PA judge's order to stop election certification process | Local News |

  • bennyk
    Republicans faced another procedural setback in a Pennsylvania lawsuit seeking to invalidate more than 2.5 million votes, as a temporary order blocking further certification of election results was stayed on appeal from state officials who had already formalized President-elect Joe Biden’s win the day before.

    GOP effort to invalidate more than 2.5 million votes in Pennsylvania dealt another setback (

  • DesirousOfChange

    I believe the only goal was to get to the SCOTUS in an expeditious manner, and that's where it is going.

    Will it gain any better traction there is yet to be seen.

  • minimus

    If the Supreme Court puts a thumbs down it’s over.

  • Realbavman

    If the SCOTUS overturned the election especially after Republicans pushed through the last confirmation in an unprecedented way there would be alot of pissed off people. That really would be a coup. If this is the way the country is going we really are in big trouble.

  • TD
    If the Supreme Court puts a thumbs down it’s over.

    We haven't had a case that SCOTUS would be willing to hear yet. And I'm not saying any of this because I like Biden. I don't.

    I've disliked gun-grabbing Mr. Plagiarism since at least the mid 80's.

    I'm saying this because there is a huge, huge gap between the things that are being said on social media and the actual cases that are going to court.

    The cases that are making their way into court are laughable

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