To those taking a stand and not attending the Memorial tonight

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  • ttdtt

    Last memorial (2016) was my last meeting. I am not changing that now.

  • MissFit

    This will be the fourth memorial I have not attended. I considered myself "out" after the first one I skipped.

    I understand the point Nathan was

    making but it takes awhile to get there.

    Not going is a big makes a statement in the JW world...if you are not deathly sick and do not attend.

    My daughters were shocked the first year I did not go and did not ask them to go (they are not "in" though I tried) The memorial was our only tradition as a family...sad but true. When I did not go they knew I was "out".

    I work tonight. I didn't even consider asking to leave early or switch with someone like I would have 4 years ago.


  • redpilltwice

    Met three JW's in town today. First two sisters, putting their last memorial invitations in the post boxes of an institution for elderly people and then one brother. Only the brother asked me if I'd be visiting the memorial this evening. 2015 was my last one. The answer was no. I also said that if they insist on using the Jewish moon calender for the memorial, they also should use that 360 day calender for calculating 1914. He knew I left the borg because of 1914 (and the abuse cases) and he answered that I'm focusing too much on dates. I told him it were not my dates but the WT's and that I couldn't sell that from door to door. He knows I know TTATT and he agrees to some part of it, but chooses to remain in the Borg. He feels it comes closest...we respect each others stance. Isn't freedom a great thing?

  • truth_b_known

    Redpilltwice -

    You just dropped a bomb on me! I never thought about the fact that the 1914 prophecy is based on our modern calendar and not the Jewish lunar calendar used at the time the prophecy was written. Good catch!

  • nonjwspouse

    As a never been JW, I used to go to the Memorial with my husband a couple times when I was ignorant of the JW. It made his Mom happy to show off her granddaughter, I was doing this for her, period. After a few years of this strange event in my opinion, and after the increase in my husbands JW studying and desire to get baptized, I finally REALLY learned about the JW. I found out when the clicker counted me, I was then claimed to be an interested one in the Memorial attendance reporting.

    I was outraged. I told my husband this, and that it was deceitful and wrong. I then said I would never attend another memorial with such a deceitful organization. ( Went over really well, haha. This was during my "outspoken" time that just made life hell for me at home. I have learned better ways now.)

  • redpilltwice
    Redpilltwice -
    You just dropped a bomb on me! I never thought about the fact that the 1914 prophecy is based on our modern calendar and not the Jewish lunar calendar used at the time the prophecy was written. Good catch!

    Thank you truth_b_known, I'm 100% under the radar but they gave an invitation to my daughter and when she showed it to me, it was the first thing I noticed in the text. It is that inconsistancy that strikes me again and again. You can't have it both ways, but the WT does and it's a bloody shame there are no critical questions about it from the witnesses themselves (at least, not that I know of) or any thinking return visit/bible study.

    It's also a point that has been adressed on this forum several times and I'm planning to use it more in the future. Witnesses beware!

  • WTWizard

    Why would I want to go to this damnation festival? Every time I went, I noticed it took more out of me than going to work ever did. Seems little more than a waste of the evening, but you are being spiritually drained to tie in with joke-hova's work to enslave the whole world. To me, this is the other end--boycotting companies that promote rituals that involve child or animal sacrifice and torturing innocent rituals is the other half. (You know, General Electric, Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Intel, Hewitt Packard, Motorola, Kimberly Clark, Nestle, and so on?) If you boycott these mock rituals involving "blood sacrifice", even using symbols, you are depriving them of energy needed for damnation of the whole world--but only if there aren't enough that are stupid enough to go.

    Personally, I would rather be at work. It isn't as draining--the big and grand boasting sessions also drain one of spiritual energy. And they talk about people wasting time and energy putting up Christmas lights? I never felt as drained from doing that as I have after attending these damnation fests. And, there was always something that felt weird and out of place about this wastefest. Now I know that, by being there, I have been helping to tie in with those child and animal sacrifices and torturings to damn the whole world.

  • Sanchy

    Thank you doubtful1799. This will be my first year not attending. My family will surely be extremely shocked and hurt, and I expect a renewed dose of shunning in the next few days. (I'm not DF, so treatment I get from family varies from day to day)

  • flipper

    I tip my hat to all who don't attend as well. It takes courage, self worth, and fortitude- especially if JW relatives or former friends try to " guilt " us into attending. I haven't attended in years as I cannot and will not support a criminal organization. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • NikL

    Tip a hat to those that don't attend.

    Say a prayer for those of us that will (including myself.)

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