What a beautiful day for service!

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I heard this expression very often and even said it often myself. Now that I am out, I realize this isn't always the case. There were many times I was going out in service Saturday morning and couldn't wait for 12:00 to come along so that we could go swimming, bicycling, play basket ball, go to the beach...

    I now realize that most of the my good days were cut in half.

    12:00 : Stop field service and bring everyone to their house or car

    12:40: Get back home and change

    13:00: Cook and have lunch

    13:30: Prepare stuff for the beach

    14:00: Leave for the beach

    14:30: Arrived at the beach (Packing lot)

    15:00: Finally settled with everything on the beech.

    19:00: Beach closes.

    Oh, but we went to the beach and posted happy photos of us on facebook.. see, we're normal!

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    That's normal, The service is much more work than religious behavior. We may kindo of like our job, normally because we think of the reward, our wage in this case. The JW also consider this a job and their wage is now the feeling that they are ok with God, since no elder will visit them to talk about spirituality if they work many hours on the field. There's the most important wage for them that is their hope to live forever what they are taught they are securing this by the preaching work.

  • cognisonance

    Not me, I always thought... It's too nice a day to go out in service (and hated going as a result), or it's too bad out to go in service (and hated going as a result). I've always felt that way, never enjoyed field service despite being a pioneer for 5+ years. Life for me was only fun for those fleeting hours on late Saturday afternoons/evenings.

    I did not enjoy service, conventions, assemblies, meetings, talks, accounting (was a MS too), and all the other crap we had to do. I was born into this religious cult and thought this was what we were supposed to do, that it was right. Glad I woke up in my late 20s! I wonder how many JWs actually enjoy going out in service? I imagine not many (even among pioneers) unless they have nothing else to live for.

  • redvip2000
    I did not enjoy service, conventions, assemblies, meetings, talks, accounting (was a MS too), and all the other crap we had to do. I was born into this religious cult and thought this was what we were supposed to do, that it was right.

    This is exactly me as well. But i have to say that even though I hated going to service, including every aspect of it, I did get a good feeling once I finished. That is, at the end I felt like I had done something positive, almost like when you finish a project and get a sense of accomplishment. I think it had mainly to do with a release of your sense of guilt for not doing it.

  • gma-tired2

    I always anxious to finish service to enjoy rest of day

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Stephane ~ And it will get better and better until you think clearly and with joy when each week end comes around for you to plan your own adventures.

    Someone was looking out my living room window recently and said (I thought) "There's Winston!" Oh, I thought, I am so happy to see Winston again!. No. They said, "Oh look. There's Witnesses". I hadn't even comphrended that it was Saturday morning... The witching hour for mind controlled JW..org robots... lol

    So happy for most of us on this forum who "qustioned our religion" like a thinking human being should question anything... Before they commit themselves.

    I feel so sorry for the children...

    PS What you outlined above, I cannot imagine doing it AND especially doing it for a worldwide real estate fraud religion telling me I must do it for them and for free or else they will take all of my family and friends away from me and call me an evil person to boot. Hey! Slavery is supposed to be outlawed in progressive countries. This is 2017!

    Glad you enjoyed your day, your way.

  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby's remember his father saying: "let's finish this block before going home".


  • btlc

    As much as i know, the only man who really enjoyed field service was my father. Omg, he was never tired in the service. He was a pioneer almost forty years, he made 80+ hours per month easily. He made every occasion to preaching, whoever comes in his sight (neighboors, postman, trafficant, a random passer, etc.) had to listen "the good news". He always had two or three "field teritorries" in a pocket (idk english name for that), and at least 2-3 "bible studies" per week. More than 60 person was baptized after his "studies" during the decades.
    And he was always pissed on me becouse i reported 10-15 hours, mostly spended making him company on his endless studies... oh how i hated field service, almost as much as he liked it...

  • Diogenesister


    Has your father passed away? I ask because this pulled at my heart strings to think of this man ever realising his mistake...dear man. Thought he was saving lives.😞

  • Saethydd

    I'm an introvert, so going door to door to discuss something that didn't really interest me with complete strangers that would most likely provoke a negative reaction was never something I truly enjoyed. Though, I certainly tried to because I thought God wanted me to enjoy it.

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