What a beautiful day for service!

by StephaneLaliberte 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • btlc


    He is currently in a nursing home, almost blind and can't get out of bed, but he still preaching to nurses...

  • StephaneLaliberte

    @Btlc: Got to respect your father! I mean, the man lived according to his belief and even where he is right now, still preaching to nurses... never gives up. Even though I don't share his beliefs, I certainly respect honest hearted people that live up to their beliefs. So, respect!

  • btlc

    Thanks for your kind words. Preaching is his life, that's him. He know lot of things we talking here, he was elder for decades, he has his ups and downs, but he don't care much about WT ("it's just a piece of paper") or GB ("these are just an imperfect people"). All he know: there is The God, there is His Word Bible, and there is The Message to preach. Nothing else matters.

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