JW Rumor: End of the Traveling Overseer

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  • Edison Trent
    Edison Trent

    A friend of mine has contacts to a family with several circuit overseers and special pioneers. They have good connections to bethel.

    He told me that the latest rumor from Bethel states that the COs should be abolished in their present form. They have also recently begun to take COs back to bethel.

    Over the same channel I have already heard of the car fleet program and that the DOs should be abolished.

    Has anyone else already heard of it? I can not really imagine that. This would mean less control over the congregations. And: What is the expense of an CO for the org?

  • slimboyfat

    I would not be surprised. They simply can't afford to pay them. They may attempt to replace COs with local part-time travelling overseers. (Basically using stand ins permanently) That's if they can find enough people willing to do the job for free.

    They may try to get local congregations to pay them, but I doubt that would work either. What happens when circuits don't contribute enough to support them? Which is a sobering thought really. Most churches afford a paid clergyman per congregation. JWs struggle to support one (very poorly) paid minister between 20 congregations.

    It would mean thousands of JWs who unexpectedly need to support themselves after giving their lives to Watchtower. A recipe for a lot of discontentment if true. How many COs worldwide? If there's one for every 20 congregations that's around 6000 worldwide, plus wives, allowing for some singe, around 10,000 people.

    DOs were already abolished a few years ago. Can you clarify what you mean about DOs?

    If Watchtower suddenly abolished COs won't this be proof (as if we need more proof) they are in real financial trouble. Or will skeptics still claim Watchtower is in robust shape with billions of dollars to spare?

  • AverageJoe1

    DOs are ALREADY non-existant, Edison so you might want to check your source!

    COs here in Spain regularly miss visits to congregations, both in the English and native Spanish congregations as they don't have enough time to visit the whole circuit apparently.

    It wouldn't be a loss for me as many of them are just drunk on power and do it for all the perks (gifts of money, holidays etc.)

    I asked our CO how he and his wife justify not visiting the congregations on the Saturday field service around assembly time because he has to supervise the demonstrations/interviews on Saturday mornings? He didn't like it when I said that field service with the CO wasn't that important then so I won't be encouraging the flock to attend the field service groups if they can't even be bothered to attend! I then quoted his own book to him (chapter 10, point 2) which says that he shouldn't allow other commitments to stop him from participating in field service on the weekend with the brothers. This quickly prompted him to ask how I got hold of that information so I just told him "an ex-Co friend of mine told me". Not lying... theocratic warfare!!!!

    Needless to say, I'm now on his blacklist!!!

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    If this is true I'd expect an announcement at the annual meeting coming this weekend

  • slimboyfat

    Will Samuel Herd again be selected to announce this suggestment? And will he again explain that the cutback is necessary because of rapidly expanding growth?

  • slimboyfat

    I think the OP meant to say that he heard about DOs being abolished from the same source ahead of time, so therefore it's credible. Just wishing to clarify.

    I don't know anything about the car scheme. I can't have been paying attention.

  • _Morpheus

    Very interesting indeed

  • AverageJoe1

    Well the car scheme is till going as we recently had a letter begging for money to pay for the new car fleet (even though the WTS Spain managed to get them at a cheaper rate this year!)

  • punkofnice

    SBF - Herd. Sounds about right. He'll probably bumble about it being an 'adjustment(tm)'...'Jehovah's blessing(tm)' blah blah rhubarb blah.

  • NotBlind

    Currently, the circuit overseers are a huge money drain on the org. Last year, they spent USD $213,000,000 paying expenses for missionaries, Bethelites, and circuit overseers. That’s the information right out of their own 2017 yearbook.

    The way I’ve seen it, they’ve already cut back on Bethelites by 20 - 30%. They fired almost all the ‘special’ pioneers, which cut their expenses for missionaries substantially. And almost all new missionaries are already on the payroll, since the reorganization of Gilead in 2011.

    Very few DO’s actually got fired when they eliminated the DO position; most were simply reassigned as CO’s or invited to Bethel. So these guys and their wives are still on the payroll.

    The CO position is the only one of those three personnel expenses that they haven’t cut yet. And I’m sure the number crunchers at Warwick are looking for ways to cut CO’s, either by increasing the size of circuits or by eliminating them altogether.

    Eliminating CO’s has been tossed about for decades. Supposedly Knorr wanted to get rid of them back in the 70s. About 8 yrs ago a similar rumor was widely circulated on this board. There’s no question the org would love to get rid of the expense of CO’s, while still reaping the benefits of their supervision and flock beatings. Every body of elders knows that the only reason some tasks ever get accomplished in the KH is because they know the CO will be coming around to inspect the books.

    It would not be a shock to me if CO’s get the axe in the next decade, to be replaced by 2 or 3 overworked volunteer ‘circuit elders’ that would do all their work, but for free.

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