God and the afterlife. Do you need to believe in both

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  • LV101

    Perry - Nice cabin. Can't believe you had to take it apart to get a skunk out?! LOL - makes sense for a bee hive. Must be nice to be a general 'K' and take care of your own buildings. ENJOY -- Looks quiet/tranquil.

  • Perry

    I reached my post limit one day last week and the post to FHN was denied. Then 3 days later it shows up after I reposted!


    Thanks. It's weird, we ran the skunk out but he never sprayed anyone. After he ran about 15 yards, he decided that he didn't like it outside and ran back all the way back into the wall....where we had to do it all over again. I guess he was pretty upset about being kicked out of his home.

    Bees weren't too happy about it either. The hive was in the walls in between two different stud sections. We made some smoke using cow dung in a shovel and smoked them until they calmed down. Then, we ate the honey. Took about thee days for the hive to finally dissipate completely.

    After I finish the project, I'll post a few pics on this forumn. The inside was a wreck. Had a 2 sf hole in the roof for about 5 years. Had to be gutted. Mold was everywhere. I bought the land and basically got the cabin for free. The foundation was good and about 90% of the studs were solid. Septic system still works.

  • waton
    Perry: "--Stephen Hawkin sees evidence for space, time and matter to have all come into existence at once, even though he admits he doesn't know what was "before" that--"
    Finkelstein: " Its easy to believe in things , much harder to back up those beliefs with evidence. "

    FEATURE 19 September 2018

    “Evidence is building up to support the idea that the big bang might not have been the beginning” New Scientist magazine.

    " if correct, Whatever preceded our universe's beginning most certainly needed time to exist, to happen in. The #1 energytime? "

  • Onager

    Hey Moley,

    Have you read this book:


    I found it fascinating. There's so much possibility out there and we have no idea and no way of finding out what comes after and anyone that says they do know is a fraud.

    I also found this article very interesting:


    It talks about the sensation of "Ego death" when taking DMT, which is somewhat analogous to dying but still being aware. It's all in your head of course, but it perhaps gives an insight into a world without you in it.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Wiki: Afterlife is the concept that an essential part of an individual's identity or the stream of consciousness continues to manifest after the death of the physical body.

    Some beliefs include something like a soul living outside the body and some include reincarnation to another body.

    My spiritual path of research has taken me to looking to science rather than religion and philosophy for such answers. Science tells me that our individual existence (what makes us who we are inside our body) needs to include the physical portion of our brain. Neurons firing within that particular housing in their particular ways is what makes OnTheWayOut the person he is. Remove the housing and lose the individual.

    I do not believe that the personality can survive outside the brain in any way as a ghost or soul or energy on another plane of existence.

    Despite science fiction finding ways to overcome that, primarily by downloading the individual to a computer or seizing another body/brain, I doubt that such things would allow retention of the personality.

  • Vidiot
    moley - "God and the afterlife. Do you need to believe in both?"

    'Course not.

    You're free to believe whatever you want.

  • Vidiot

    BTW, one of the more appealing definitions of "God" I heard described him/her/it as "the personification of the universe".

  • FlyingHighNow


    Perry9 days ago
    My post didn't post before I left town. So sorry to hear about your sister passing. I know that must be tough. Please let me know if I can't help in some way."

    Perry, I just have seen your reply to me. Thank you for taking the time to reach out. Your restoration on your retreat cabin looks like a meaningful project. Nice work. Love the tin roof, especially.

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