Ignorance of Watchtower doctrine among young JW's

by nicolaou 42 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Diogenesister
    Finklestein Wow that's going to leave hundreds of millions of babies without their mothers to care for them, leaving them for the save ones to look after.

    That sounds like Paradise to me

    Ha Ha Finkie it does sound like paradise to this early menopausal mum of teenagers who don’t need her so much....any spare babies Chuck ‘em my way please!!!😉❤️😁

  • waton

    Just a note how ignorance about wt doctrine is maintained by wt brainwashing techniques.

    In this week's kh "bible" study half an hour is spend on John 6. The eating of the flesh, the drinking of the blood to get everlasting life. Cannibalism mentioned. but not a peep in the "study" material, or the audience of the elephant in the room.

    Jesus mentioned later, that the flesh is leading to the bread, the blood really turning out to be the wine, the memorial emblems.

    not a word.! why?

    heavens forbid, someone could realize unless they partook, they will not get everlasting life.

    Jws are ignorant of their doctrines because they are not eagles, they are parrots. rot in the reasoning.not endorsing just putting 2&2 together in the plot of the story. sorry.

  • nicolaou

    This is what we're up against with younger JW's, 1989 is ancient history to them..

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