Ignorance of Watchtower doctrine among young JW's

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  • nicolaou

    I've been having a conversation with a young JW on twitter and have, once again, come up against beliefs that do not match up with official Watchtower doctrine. If you like you can read the full thread here (you'll need to click on some comments to open it all up).

    Anyway the upshot is that this JW, and many like her, believe that only truly wicked people will be killed at Armageddon - not innocent babies and children or anyone who "didn't know better" perhaps because they didn't get a witness. It's as though they cannot accept the obvious injustice of Jehovah's morality.

    This JW teenager believes that all these non-JW's who survive Armageddon will get their chance to prove their loyalty during the 1000 year reign of Christ - again, not a Watchtower teaching.

    I don't really have a question to ask, this is just an observation. I think this is a result of the all the 'simplification' that has been happenning over recent years. Younger JW's, to the extent that they are bothered by doctrine at all, are filling in the blanks with what feels right to them.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  • john.prestor

    Just keep in mind that this is only one person so it's not clear if what they said comes back to their age or something else entirely. I think most young Witnesses who lose interest just leave, they lose two-thirds of kids based on the most recent Pew survey, so I'm guessing going off that the ones that remain are actually pretty zealous.

    Could younger people care less about doctrine? Definitely. Could this person just lie because they know 'You'll all die at Armageddon sounds pretty fucked up? Definitely

  • asp59

    Yeah younger wittneses dont do much reading this days. Ask one how long a biblical generation is and they wont belive its 70-80 years. They belive a generation is overlapping

  • smiddy3

    Hey nicolaou I don`t think its only the young that are ignorant of Watchtower doctrine ,I`m pretty bloody sure that many of the older ones are just as ignorant ,keeping up with new light discarding old light.

    I think they are just being worn out by all of the many changes they have seen and because they have invested so much time energy and money into the religion ,pride wont allow them to call it quits.

    And i`m not too sure that many JW`s especially the young care too much about doctrine ,it seems to me to be all about feelings ,emotions , patting pet panda`s ,living in so and so`s mansion that`s been left behind after the big "A"

    Without thinking this through on any level,according to the Bible Adam and Eve would have had to work to maintain and spread the Garden of Eden '

    God is not will not ,and has not anywhere in the Bible made life in general over a long period easy for mankind .

    You have to work for your rewards.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Backed into a corner, my JWs will look me in the eyes and lie their aces off to pretend that doctrines they are uncomfortable with were never taught, or that we 'don't teach that any more!'

  • Olig

    Beware the old light!!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    If they try to pull the 'old light' card, I ask them for a published article that rescinds it, having been careful not to choose a subject that has one.

  • joe134cd

    Just using myself as an example, and I was in my early 40s before I left. I feel embarrassed at just how little I knew of the religion I belonged to. It wasn’t until I started visiting apostate web sites that I realised the full extent of the overlapping generation. I also had never heard of UN, Beth Sarum, or the other multitude of scandles WT had embroiled itself in, before I came here. A heartfelt thanks to Simon.

  • Gorbatchov

    For young jw's most important is the social aspect.


  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Just young JW's?

    Previously stated experience: I asked an elder at a trolley why his literature stated that some resurrected people would be allowed to practice vile things during Christ's 1000 year reign - based on their interpretation of John 5:28,29.

    He vehemently denied such a thing was said in his literature - he'd never read that anywhere. When confronted with the proof, his wriggling and squirming and double-speak were a joy to behold.

    Elders are as ignorant as the minions they subvert.

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