Meet George Floyd

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  • Quetzal


    Quetzal - White people feel no desire to defend white criminals, neither do Asians or other communities.

    Generalisation is the problem with this statement. There are many examples that show the contrary.

    @the girl next door

    Does dwelling on his faults justify his killing for some?

    That is a valid question that some will like to ignore.

  • Still-out

    There’s footage of him trying to escape and resisting arrest? I missed that. I saw him being pulled from his vehicle, placed along a wall and then into a police vehicle. Then officer Chauvin pulls him from the patrol car and onto the ground. Why? The officers are then seen on his back and neck. Why? Because he didn’t cooperate after being dragged from the police vehicle? Furthermore, once he was on the ground and restrained, he stopped resisting. So why did Chauvin not let off of the man’s neck?

    Protesting this man’s manner of death (and by extension other questionable deaths with little to no footage) is completely understandable.

    tgnd and Quetzal - Agreed

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    There is indeed other footage besides the one video, longer footage from a different angle was circulated but Twitter has since deleted it.

    I'm sure the police have their cruiser and body cam footage which for obvious reasons hasn't been released (doesn't fit the narrative the mayor of Minneapolis and their Antifa-supporter AG wants to create)

    This will all play out in court and the cops will walk. Unlike the BLM/Antifa people that walk 24h after attempted murder, police officers have to wait for justice to grind its wheels.

  • waton
    Black communities will fight to the death for black victims even if they are deplorable human beings. She is spot on.

    C: no., now the slogan is: "Get off our necks"; we want to do our thing, not to have to fight to our death to preserve, excuse the immorality, criminality, purposeless lives in our mids, and the consequences

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Wow...this isn't the same George Floyd CNN is reporting on and parading around!

    Looks like CNN has some fact checking of their own reporting that they need to do about this guy!

  • cofty

    GND & Q - please read my first words of my OP.

    Contrast and compare the speeches at his memorial service with how his victims must feel.

  • menrov

    We had a similar event a while ago in The Netherlands. The suspect was apprehended by a police officer who used his arms around the neck of the victim. Apparently too strong and the suspect died. In this case, the victim was also not white.

    Every unplanned and avoidable death is wrong and should be investigated. And if the police officer was too eager to use his authority on a non-white person, then that should also be investigated. The fact that GF was under drugs, is not a reason to be extra harsh. But even police officers are only human and we do not know the bad things this officer has experienced. It is not an excuse but can sometimes be a reason. We all have that when we here bad things about a certain group of people. We generalize and believe all of them are bad. And when we see a person from such a group dating our daughter, you might get very anxious and tend to harm the guy just because he is from a certain group.

    The protest helped to have this case (i hope properly) investigated. I am against all the violence that came with the protests (though I realize not all protests came with violence).

    Do black people always defend one another? No, they do not though it seems in the media. Is it unique for the black community? No, I see people from Morocco do exactly the same.In general, all groups that feel they are a victim (true or not) act like that. JW's act like that because they also feel they are a victim.

  • cofty
    Protesting this man’s manner of death (and by extension other questionable deaths with little to no footage) is completely understandable - StillOut

    I totally agree. My point is NOT about justified protest against police violence. It is the uncritical way the entire world is lionising a deplorable human being.

  • coalize

    In France, I didn't heard someone lionising Floyd. We say, "Despite all he done, he didn't deserve death"

    Mind you, here, we don't believe in death penalty at all

  • 2+2=5

    It seems the media has lost all balance, if it were a person I’d be very concerned for their mental health, constantly on edge, no clear answers because there are no coherent questions.

    The ABC, and a host of other mainstream media are determined to import this American issue into Australia. One act of police brutality in another country is becoming every white person in Australia plead for forgiveness.

    It was supposed to be the end of the world if Trump got elected, Greta sailed the world preaching the climate will kill us all, COVID-19 to kill half a million Australians, all this among big long discussions about breaking gender stereotypes, systemic police racism (which is now Trumps fault) is just the new hysteria.

    How will any of us survive?

    Thankfully, we all share faith in Gods kingdom.

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