Meet George Floyd

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  • cofty

    His murder was a crime and justice must be done, but it's sobering to learn more about the man who is being lionised by millions. Thanks as always to the courageous Candace Owens.


  • Still-out

    Many people of color agree with her. As with all issues, the media will give a voice to the most extreme and controversial voices. I honestly don't know anyone of any color in real life pretending this guy was some type of upstanding citizen or hero.

    Thanks for sharing the link

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Thanks for the post. I clicked on You Tube and told her what I thought of her that she achieved the rank of HERO and that they are in short supply today.

    So thanks again for the post, it was a bright spot in a dark situation..

  • Fadeaway1962

    Thanks for putting this on here good to get both sides of the facts , brave for speaking out

    Why does the news agencies not report these facts instead of playing the racial card .

  • Finkelstein

    I'm not a medical doctor but it would seem to me that because he was high on drugs that this assisted to the outcome of cardiac arrest

  • Quetzal

    She made some interesting points about glorifying a criminal but she lost me when she started to throw around statistics comparing Black/White deaths.

    If your child was shot by someone, the last thing you want to hear is, "Madam, do you know that what happened to your child has 1 in a million chance of happening in your street". In the eyes of a grieving mother, the stats are irrelevant.

    Her comments about the black community defending it's own is very true but I am not sure if she is right that other communities do not act in the same way.

    The the first Gulf way, America went to war in the middle east and some allies tagged along (The British) even when they knew the reason for the war was bogus. American's often say "you should support the troops" even if you don't believe in the war.

    Candace's claim that other communities do not support their own even when it is a bad decision is not factual. Everyone does it, it is almost human nature.

    That is why you get into a fight at school if someone calls your mother a "fat ugly whore". You already know that your mother is really a "fat ugly whore" but you still want to defend her. You didn't choose your mother and you would have preferred to have a "top model god fearing christian mother" but that is not the case.

    Candace started off well but lost her way towards the end. She comes across as knowledgeable but she misses the point.

  • cofty

    Quetzal - White people feel no desire to defend white criminals, neither do Asians or other communities.

    Black communities will fight to the death for black victims even if they are deplorable human beings. She is spot on.

    Her stats on black crime and deaths by cop interaction are very relevant.

  • Realbavman

    It's pretty interesting several days ago I was seeing articles like this one from the link I'm posting. Floyd being a mentor and upstanding Christian who moved temporarily to Minneapolis to 'help out'.

    Then I read about him being high on fentanyl. Now this video giving more details.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    If Floyd had a squeaky clean record, a basic choir boy, community leader, mother hen of fatherless boys...

    Would that make a difference to how people feel about the way he was killed? Would there be even more outrage or would it be the same?

    Does pointing to his faults act like a salve for people completely disturbed by how he was killed?

    Does dwelling on his faults justify his killing for some?

    If we were not all on lock down for months and had a million other things to do, like go to a ball game, movie, club, bar, gym, would anyone even care about Floyd? Would these protests even be happening?

  • Finkelstein

    So perhaps this unfortunate affair doesn't have to do with race at all.

    A guy gets caught doing something illegal, he tries to escape arrest by the called in police, he struggles with the officers to escape, they finally pin him down, the holding technique used was physically exceeding to cause the man to go into cardiac arrest assisted by the drugs he was on, the suspect is taken to a hospital where he dies.

    This could have happened to any person of any racial background .

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