For those who are still in... What do you do about field service?

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  • millie210
    Meanwhile, who's doing actual field service?

    Certainly not the elders,thats for sure

  • JustMe2
    Edited. I messed up my post; besides, redvip2000 says it better!
  • redvip2000

    If you think you might get in the position where you might have to offer magazines to someone, slip a note inside that says "sorry to bother you today, I'm trapped in this cult and keeping up appearances."

    Not so sure about this one. This could totally explode in your face. I could see a home owner flipping through the pages in front of you and another Jdub and asking what that is? Or turn the magazines a certain way and have that fall out. If either of those thing happen in front of another Jdub and he sees that note, your azz will be on its way to a JC.

  • freddo

    Our cong's territory is quite small. About 8 miles by 4 is the extent of it and so the cong always meets together except on a Saturday where the 5 groups meet in their corner of the territory. Except the 2nd Saturday of the month where we all meet together at the KH.

    When I was an elder and awake I always counted (mostly fake) between 8 and 11 hours - maybe 12 - 14 in memorial season.

    For years after that I reported 6/7hrs (probably 2 or 3 really) so that I could be a mic handler and read at the CBS study (instead of being bored at the meetings).

    Now I've been taken off of reading but am allowed to run a microphone. No one has had the decency to tell me I'm not on the reading list anymore but it's probably because my reported hours dropped to 3 to 4hrs. Now I report 2 or 3 hours and am still allowed to run a "microphone".

    I "show my face" twice a month. Once on the 2nd Saturday and one other Saturday with "my" group. If I'm given some not homes to do I cross off about half of them without doing them and do the rest. I never hand the NH slip back to the conductor and if reminded I say I'll do some on the way home from the meeting Sunday - which I never do.

    Next stage is reporting 1 to 2 hrs and only showing up on the congregation Saturday.

  • sparrowdown

    Towards the end I was just telling people at the doors I was there to read an short encouraging scripture and then said have a good day" and left. Many people thanked me for it, but I figured they were just relieved I wasn't expecting them to engage. I couldn't bring myself to do even that once I was completely awake, I just didn't go and put in a small fake report of 2hrs.

  • jookbeard

    astonishing reply's and they talk about unity in this so called life saving global message which only they do! the apathy carts sum up the lazy wasteful way that the R&F plod along not even seaming to care anymore.

  • wannaexit

    As long as you are visible a few times a month, no one will notice. These are few things that work for me:

    • When I do go out I make sure I drive to the houses of different members of the congregation and ring the bell to say hello . Then I say I am doing a few calls in the area and wanted to see how they are doing.
    • I always take out lots of territories and show up at arrangements fanning them and say that we had some good results in them. (no ones cares).
    • The times that I am stuck with someone, I make them sweat it out. I push to do all the doors and walk all around the territory. Most often they don't wan't work with me the next time.

    You can fake it pretty good these days. You don't even have to try because everybody else is faking it too

  • suavojr

    If its this simple to fake it, then being a Jdub is not as bad afterall. You see! No one forces you to go out. True love from Jehovah.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Go ahead and make the date to go in service. A few days before, start eating garlic cloves like crazy! The smell will start coming out your pores. Eat lots of chili with beans the night before, and more garlic. Quit using deodorant too.

    You will NEVER be invited to go anywhere with her ever again. LOL!


  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Sad to say, I was a "true believer" right up until the end, or pretty close to it. At the very end, I would do many of the things already mentioned, and didn't use anything other than the Bible at the door. I can remember when I was in my teens, I was a regular pioneer and the sons of the city overseer use to joke that they would walk up to the doors, and not ring the bell or knock - simply stand there hoping no one would walk up to answer the door. They told me it almost always worked, and they rarely had to speak to anyone. I thought it was terrible at the time, but obviously, they had it right, and I was just too brain washed to see through the bull shit.

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