For those who are still in... What do you do about field service?

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  • Wait For It
    Wait For It

    For those of you who are still in because of family circumstances, what do you do about field service? Do you still go regularly, sporadically or not at all?

    If you do still go, how do you manage? Or if you don't go, how do you explain your absence to still in family members?

    A brief overview of my situation: I'm in good standing, spouse is fully in, I have two small kids who are carted along to JW meetings because of my spouse. I don't go out in door to door work, but do report some time due to being able to count "family worship." I eventually want to stop all activity for myself, but due to my kids, I've held off so I can be wherever they go and around whoever they're around. My spouse knows my doubts and isn't bothered by it. He comes from a long line of witness family members and his parents are pretty prominent in our circuit and friends with our CO. So I try to fly under the radar for now until something pushes me to change how I'm doing things.

    However, my spouse's mother has been trying to invite me out in service now. While my spouse might not be bothered by me questioning the org and GB, that would not go over well if his parents learned this. I wouldn't put it past them to share that with my local elders. So I'm coming to the realization that I might have to go out with her every once in a while to keep up appearances. Boo.

    Anyway, I'm just curious on how others deal with similar situations or have dealt with it in the past.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    My field service is done in a way that does NOT result in any converts; very vague and generic, if anyone shows interest, never follow up.


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Aa DY above. I used to be good at FS and have had many studies over the years. Now I just go, minimum time, minimum effort. I haven't done a RV for years and never will.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Probably won't help you but I always tried to get put in a car group that'd end up with an odd number and volunteer to go to doors by myself. Then just don't knock and say people were home and not interested so they don't get done as not at homes. Every so often I'd put a house on the do not call list.

    If you think you might get in the position where you might have to offer magazines to someone, slip a note inside that says "sorry to bother you today, I'm trapped in this cult and keeping up appearances." Or something like that. As DY said you take down the call but throw it away when you get home. Take solace in the fact that even trying your very hardest in the recruiting work, there's only a small chance you'd ever convert someone. Doing it half-assed just for appearances, you're not going to hurt anyone else.

    Aside from that, just get through the miserable affair like most JWs do: stay in the car as much as possible and take lots of long breaks.

    Wish you the best of luck. I remember the days when I was still faking it and how hard it was. Take care of yourself - after a morning recruiting spring for a massage or some shopping or something else to unwind and release the tension.

  • ttdtt

    Before I got out - I just drove around with my family to the same Tired Calls I had for years - went for coffee - and usually got home early.

    During Tract campaigns - rarely rang any bells and also did fake knocking.

  • RodrigoGuerreiro

    If it's impossible to avoid all the invitations the above suggestions are useful. Do the minimum, try to stall in every occasion and PLEASE don't convert anyone ;-)

    In my current situation, me and my wife put every month 2 fake hours and some magazines on our monthly report. It's enough to don't have some elder to ask us about our service report and to not trigger the "inactivity" alarm.

    When we successfully fade away we can stop to continue that lie.

  • sir82

    My field service is done in a way that does NOT result in any converts; very vague and generic, if anyone shows interest, never follow up.

    The funny part is, this describes the field serve-us activity of well over 90% of JWs, including the true believers.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Fake the most time, when I had to go, I only ask, if they think the bible is interesting or useable today. Most people agree with me and say: "No!"

  • millie210

    I last went on a Bible study with a determined friend trying to "help" me in 2013, my last meeting was Memorial although I will go to accompany an elderly friend if she asks, so I dont fit your criteria of "still in" exactly.

    What I wanted to comment on was that you are not the only one here fading very slowly and deliberately. There are quite a few of us.

    I think you are doing a smart thing to be wherever your young children are. Think of it as your husband being deployed in a foreign country and you are making the best of it with your kids.

    If you have to go out in service with your MIL is there anyway you could plea bargain it into accompanying her on a Bible Study?

    That beats the heck out of door to door.

    If you have to do door to door, could you take her for an iced coffee halfway through? Pleading summer heat?

    OneEyedJoe is exactly right, it takes tens of thousands of hours and many love bombing JWs to get one person "in". You arent going to do any damage in a token morning with MIL.

    You will however be bored, no doubt about it!

  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX

    checkout a territory.

    don't do it.

    return it with fake NH's.

    say you have to work sat/sun mornings, or if you must go to save "face", say you have rvs or study. go home and watch tv or go see a movie for 2 hours.

    lie on report.


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