For those who are still in... What do you do about field service?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Although going door to door is not biblical, it is not anti-biblical. However, if I felt the compunction to go door to door, I would only preach Jesus and the gospel, not the organization.

  • pixel

    I only go out on weekends and try to do as minimal as possible. But I do fake a ton of hours and placements!

  • FadeToBlack
    I would like to see everyone turn in 30 hrs/month and not go out at all.
  • wifibandit

    My service consists of these steps:

    • being late for the meeting (so I don't get stuck conducting).

    • If we meet at a home, talk for 20-30. min (try to cause confusion as to who is going with whom)

    • Muck up the territories if you are the territory servant. Same for mags/lit.

    • Talk for a few more min. outside saying "see you guys for lunch?"

    • Get in the car. Forget something in the house, go get it.

    • Go to the farthest corner of your territory, for your R.V. that is never there. Better yet, OUTSIDE of your territory. "They just moved, I need to find someone to take over the study/visit."

    • Break. Coffee, Bathroom, Medical... Anything. (Go through the drive through, so nobody is tempted to "preach" at starbucks)

    • Once you have your stuff, PULL OVER. Park while you "fix your coffee" or eat your McMuffen. Gotta drive safe!

    • Ask if anyone has a call they'd like to do. Pick the Farthest one, so you can "work your way back".

    • By this time, somebody will need to get dropped off at their car. Lunch anyone?

    Add in never making young ones get out of the car (or if we are on foot, talk at the door) and you can see why they all want to go in service with wifibandit. My car has wifi! The snacks are on me! Lets talk about science and music! Sure you can mess with the radio/spotify!

  • LettMorrisSplaneit

    I only go out 1 or 2 times a month, 1 hour each time. I've mastered the fake knock or fake door bell ring. I always get stuck with the territory record, so i assign everybody else and stay in the car 'looking for the next street' (spanish cong) I don't assign all the houses on a particular street, I usually just tell the group in the car that the we've covered the territory and that's fine with everyone (inside they're relieved) I also try to go with the older sisters, as they always gotta go to a bathroom :).

    As far as magazines go,I never leave them, just tracts. No return visits either.

  • sir82

    2 billion hours per year spent in the "life saving ministry", and 1.8 billion of it is utterly wasted.

    Gotta love it.

    Not really surprised, this is exactly what happens when "number of hours on the report" is the primary measuring rod for how "spiritual" someone is.

  • konceptual99

    I have pretty much stopped. I occasionally go to FS group (once a month max) to placate my wife but simply "go on calls" and go and get a coffee.

    I put in a report to keep the eldubs off my back.

    No one has said a word in a year.

  • Phizzy

    vanderhoven7 has it about right, for about a decade before I actually ceased F.S I only used the Bible and "preached Christ" if you like.

    I always tried to work on my own, if forced to have someone accompany me, they always expressed surprise at my "method", but I never heard of any criticism from Elders.

    Apart from once, an Elders daughter came with me DtoD and reported back that I had a great call on a guy obviously ripe for conversion. This pesky Elder kept checking for a while whether I ever called back, I never used to call back on anyone, but I did a couple of times on this one, only once found the bloke in, and after that used it as an excuse to slide off early, "I am calling on Mr Great Prospect on the way home."

    Reckon I did him a favour.

  • steve2

    A good JW friend of mine - still in but "trapped" by family who live in another district - gets her time in at Starbucks (where she drinks coffee and -shock ! - goes on line to wile away an hour or two) then reports that as field service.

    She tells me that over time she notices more and more brothers and sisters also dropping into Starbucks and staying for significant periods of time. Great minds....?

    Meanwhile, who's doing actual field service?

  • blondie

    I am disabled and checked out a telephone witnessing territory. By myself I called one number that was always gone. Did stuff at home. After 3 hours, called the same number. Kept territory for 2 months. Then another territory. Never had a partner as a requested.

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