Are You Concerned About Inflation?

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  • Simon

    And still it climbs - the "official figure" is past 7% now, the highest rate for 40 years, and Biden wants to piss even more money away on even more spending.

    That's the fudged number though - the real rate is now well into the high teens, possibly 20% or more.

    We're past the point of this being contained or managed, all they will do now is print more money to try to hide the problem to protect their own immediate re-election chances.

    Canada and the EU are in the same boat as the US.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm old and not so worried that I will go hungry. Though that could change if commodities are simply not available and store shelves are empty. Then no amount of money is enough.

    But I worry so for my (middle-age kids) and my grandchildren. We have worked hard to be frugal and try to leave a nest egg for them for college and first homes, etc. But in 10 years at 15% inflation what will a million dollars be worth? Maybe good for buying a new car?

    The tax and spend philosophy of the "left" has got to stop. I would think at some point the sane and rational liberals would awaken (not to be confused with being "woke") and see the upcoming train wreck. I fear even more that the GOP/conservatives have gravitated to "cut taxes & spend". It's the crazy spending frenzy that has to stop.

    There ain't no free lunch. People have got to EARN what they get. The gimme more and more and more cannot continue. But I think most of the freeloaders don't really care that what they are receiving must be paid for by someone else. Thus these are come know as "entitlements".

    "Armageddon" may not be that far off after all.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Sounds like the biggest danger to the value of the dollar is Biden.

  • mikeflood

    The thing is now that the US debt is so big, (thanks of all that stimulus money), the only remaining option is inflation..... I'll bet is gonna be like that for years to come.

  • hoser

    There are three choices to deal with excess currency. Tax higher, allow inflation to take its course or significantly raise interest rates and create a recession. The last one is probably the best option but the least popular

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