Are You Concerned About Inflation?

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  • LV101

    Per media Ukraine holds the cards for wheat/fertilizer but this horrific drought in the West's bread basket of the world (or was - San Joaquin Valley/Central Cal) is a problem. The idea of food shortages and hoarding is horrific.

    In NV worse drought in 1200 yrs. along with high temperatures (118 degrees) have caused Lake Mead's water level to drop below 35% capacity few mos ago -- emergency pumps activated. Turbines producing power at Hoover Dam cannot function at full capacity. Construction (new housing developments) trying to keep up with demand but w/interest rates and economy horror who knows for how long. Residents battle to keep lawns thriving and halt further housing development. Until those Rockies have serious snow fall this is not good.

    Going to view the Saifedean Ammous' youtube. Hope I can take it all in and wish I had the optimism many conservatives have -- just win the election and all will be good/unreal! Gov has printed money for how many decades!! Back to delusions of being a radical optimist.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    There are some places you should not put in a lawn. The colorado river was over allocated when they made the agreements. Only thing saved it this long was wet years and some users not taking all their allotment.

    Wait until the energy czars blackout areas in the heat. Nevada, Arizona, half of California were populated by air conditioning

  • LV101

    RTN - NV gave away all their water decades ago and didn't anticipate the mammoth growth.

    I agree re/insisting on lawns in some areas. I can't believe the residents who are resolved to keep their huge, green, manicured, lawns, in the high desert when the turf looks so beautiful. However, I've learned the real deal (beautiful green lawns) cools the temperature and I appreciate anything that helps. They even complain about grass removal in some areas on golf course. That's insane -- I'd much rather they correct the irrigation system and water trees bordering my property line so I don't have to water them - I can't stand to see them wither. I'll be fined by water district this summer.

    Agree re/the "energy czars" 😳 - redoing pool/spa which are drained dry right now and just hoping the construction moves fast in case I have to jump into it -- won't be that cool in this heat but can't hurt. When this has happened in past yrs., I stand in front of freezer between gathering keys, water bottles, etc., to head out to anyplace that has A/C still operating. Glad you jogged my memory -- I'll keep car parked outside of garage (no power the garage doors won't lift) so I can split.

    Is this for real!!

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Fertilizer is made from natural gas. Heard on the news that farmers in the US were planting 1/3 of their normal crops because of the cost of fertilizer. One said that his cost went from $200,000 to over $1,000,000 just for fertilizer. The top producers of the major components of fertilizer include China, Russia, Canada and Morocco, with Belarus also providing a significant share of potash.

  • Jammer
    Fertilizer is made from natural gas. Heard on the news that farmers in the US were planting 1/3 of their normal crops because of the cost of fertilizer. One said that his cost went from $200,000 to over $1,000,000 just for fertilizer. The top producers of the major components of fertilizer include China, Russia, Canada and Morocco, with Belarus also providing a significant share of potash.

    Huge US and Russian farms rely on huge amounts of chemical fertilizer. They aren't self-sustainable like in other countries. Take for example France. Their food taste better than the USA because they have much smaller farms using more natural methods, use far less chemical fertilizer, and are more apt to survive shortages of most kinds.

    None of the commercially grown US super-market foods are as good as they use to be and many of the methods we use to grow them are illegal in many other countries.

    Not only did 20 food processing plants burn up in the last year 1/2, serval farmers barns also burned down.

    road to nowhere said 2 days ago

    And will be able to track everything you do and cut off your ability to eat and live if you dont toe the line

    What is to come is way more serious and involved than we can imagine. Like Dr. Mercola said, "The last two years were a picnic compared to what's coming".

    Most of the people I talk to don't want to hear it, see it, or admit it that there's a lot of sinister crap going on in the USA and the World today. The US is largely responsible for much of it including this war in Ukraine.

    The world's Liberal/Socialist run Media Mob will continue deceiving the public by using intentional Catastrophic events to force the implement of policies and fulfill the goals of UN agenda 2030 and WEF's -" sustained development".

    There's a huge financial collapse coming and our US Government is working hard to destroy American Capitalism, which is the only major thing in the way of the NWO and Socialism. Things like the plandemic, Ukraine War, fuel and food shortages, inflation, etc and the Green New Deal are meant to destroy America's economy and make the globalist elite more rich and put them in more control of and direction of the world. Nearly all of Biden's policies are meant to destroy America.

    The next major reset buttons like 911 that's likely coming next are another intentionally released pandemic, which someday, one will get out of control. Major shortages, more unemployment, home ownership repossessions, riots, revolts, and uprisings because liberals are "not getting their way" like we see with the SCOTUS abortion issue, voter fraud, and corruption - stealing elections - that's the best way of achieving Totalitarianism. And that is the best path to globalism.

    Two days ago I was outside looking at the night sky and saw a string of 12 Starlink satellites. You can't convince me these are all for non-intrusive purposes. Part of Bidens Infrastructure Deal includes - and I don't know the specifics, connecting cars to 5G where we are charges per-mile and deducted right from our account - which at that time, currency will be all digital.

  • Simon

    The largest fertilizer producer in the UK recently closed shop. The high cost of fuel meant that they couldn't continue.

    No fertilizer means no food.

    People like to believe "organic" is good but it's a fantasy - oil and gas puts food on your plate.

    If you think prices for things are high now, wait until oil is $200 a barrel and there are global food shortages.

  • MeanMrMustard
  • Simon

    The US just made the largest interest rate rise in 30 years, going up 75 basis points instead of the 50 they said, and say there are more on the way.

    It feels like they've sat ignoring things while the runaway train picked up speed and now they need more dramatic pulls at the brake lever to achieve anything ... but there's no guarantee it's not going to just come off in their hand or the train crash completely off the rails.

    Also, the train is on fire.

  • TonusOH

    It's a spoonful of bad-tasting medicine, but it is necessary. When interest rates are as low as they can possibly get, then decades of dealing with economic downturns by lowering interest rates comes to a sudden end. Now we have to pay for the decades of easy money and irresponsible spending.

    Well, the regular folks do, anyway. The government can continue to fumble its way along, running massive deficits and patting itself on the back when this year's deficit is lower than last year's (because then you can say "we lowered the deficit", which is another way of saying "I was almost as criminally irresponsible as last year, but not quite"). But the rest of us will have to heed the wake-up call, and many will be better off for it... as long as it is someone else's job that is eliminated by the low spending.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Also, the train is on fire.

    They would need to raise interest rates above the inflation rate to get ahead of it. The 8.6% is understated. Do you think a hike to 10/15/20% is possible? No. If the interest rate were raised to 10%, the US couldn't service its debt (by taking out new debt). So it would mean default, and the start of the "Greater Than the Great Depression". Of course that wouldn't be allowed to happen, so they would start minting those trillion dollar coins... and that would mark the beginning of the "Greater than the Greater than the Great Depression".

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