Are You Concerned About Inflation?

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  • shepherdless

    Interesting question, and an interesting discussion. I generally agree with Simon. Others have already said a lot of what I would say.

    I see someone referenced Modern Monetary Theory. Under MMT, quantative easing doesn’t necessarily lead to inflation. However, according to more traditional economic principles, quantative easing is very inflationary. Most economists do not have any faith in MMT. It has been labeled “Magic Pudding” economics by some.

    The way that all the major governments in the world have increased their debt, printed large amounts of money (via quantative easing) and held interest rates incredibly low, is extremely worrying. It can only end in one of 3 ways, all of them bad, with rampant inflation being the least worst outcome.

    So why isn’t inflation already rampant? I think that that is because (a) workers everywhere aren’t in any mood to demand higher wages at the moment, and (b) colossal amounts of capital are being destroyed by zombie companies at the moment.

    Finally just a note about this all being “a plan by a Lefty cabal”. It is true that Irresponsible economic management more often than not comes from left of centre governments, particularly far-left governments such as Venezuela. However some supposedly conservative governments are just as irresponsible. There is no plan; there is no mastermind; there is no secret meetings. It is mostly about politicians acting short term to match election cycles, doing things that give short term sugar hits and long term damage.

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