Are You Concerned About Inflation?

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  • MeanMrMustard


    Having a convention doesn't mean anyone can introduce anything. There would be a few amendments up for consideration. If California, for example, wanted to introduce an amendment to remove the 2nd, they can be told to pound sand. It doesn't work like legislation now (where it's a package deal and to get new limiting amendments, lefty ones have to come with it). And each proposed amendment goes to the states separately for ratification.

  • GabeAthouse

    It's actually 8.5%, his economy is in the shitter and people are suffering. He's a modern-day Marie Antoinette, so out of touch because nothing impacts him (he's also doolally out of touch and probably thinks it's still 1962).

    Q: Where are all the fact checkers for this WHOPPER of mis-information!

    It's been fact checked all over the place. He was referencing net inflation for the month of July. Not the total inflation compared to last year this time.

  • TonusOH

    There apparently were some big slap fights over that on Twitter.

    Good news: inflation did not rise in July. This is actually a good thing!

    Bad news: prices are still much higher than they were a year ago. Not so good!

    Honest, folks. It's okay to take a balanced view of an issue from time to time. I'm glad gas prices are down so much. I wish a lot of other prices would follow, but I don't expect that to happen. And this bit of good news might end up causing some pain for the Democrats in the near and long term, if the "inflation reduction act" ramps inflation back up, thus giving Republicans a talking point for the next year or two that will resonate with voters.

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