Some apostates are coming across as crazed psychopaths

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  • slimboyfat

    Haszardisation of apostasy.

    My coinage, a reference to the infamous Danny Haszard. He attacked elderly JWs at his door with a pepper spray and made a thread about it on here. I can't find the original thread. Only other threads referring to it.

  • midnight

    Yes this is true in the early 90,s I always viewed them as gibbering idiots pestering people outside the assembly

  • evilApostate

    They may have the wrong approach, but I understand the emotions which lead them to act this way.

    Even I have anger issues at the moment. Sometimes, even though we should be angry at the GB and other corrupt heads, we instead direct our anger towards the rank and file. I sometimes have to remind myself that we are working for the demise of the organization and not its people.

    BTW I'm not one of those attacking witnesses on the street or whatever. However, I have had "fights" with family over the issue and I do harbour some resentment for some of the witnesses I grew up with. They think that I'm crazy, evil, prospective birdfood etc.

    I guess love breeds hate. They hate me for being an "apostate" so I hate them for being so stupid. In the end, self-control is necessary or else that fury can consume anyone.

  • schnell

    There is one YouTube apostate whose videos are reminiscent of Heath Ledger's Joker. Entertaining or not, I'm not about to show his videos to my wife or family.

    I will offer legitimate criticism: As much frustration might be in your system, as much as you don't want to be judged anymore and as much as you don't care, if your goal is to get a message out to people, then do try to make it at least palatable.

    No, not everyone is going to do that. I get it and it's entertaining sometimes. Even I cuss as I write because that's part of who I am and I want to show that kind of freedom. (That's not to say I cuss or behave like an idiot around all polite company. No, I try to be respectful.)

    All that said, there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from doing this. It's to be expected. You squeeze these people long enough, eventually they will burst. This is what you get when that happens. Some are able to offer a calm, slow-paced criticism of JW scandals, norms and beliefs. Others sound like they're rigging Gotham City up with bombs and happy gas.

  • OrphanCrow
    TheRebel: It's all part of the healing that's the way I view it.

    Me too. I agree with you Rebel.

    I would be surprised if some people didn't react in the manner that Jambon described in the OP. Those who behave irrationally are only a reflection of the irrational place that they have been put in because of a crazed, psychopathic religion.

    Those people who act out publicly against JWs aren't engaging in activism per se - they are making visible the pain and frustration they have experienced.

    Is it good to see? No...viewing other people's pain is uncomfortable and we often will react with disgust and condemnation when that pain is thrown in our face. We don't like it. It would be nice if everyone could behave rationally and in an upright manner. But that isn't what being human is all about.

    The org has taken these people's power away and the resulting rage demonstrates the intense need that some people have to take their power back.

    I only hope that when that rage is spent, that they find a healthier way to get and maintain their personal power.

    Rage on, rage on and scream to the sky. If that is what you need to do - just do it. I don't care if you do. It is how the healing starts.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    I totally agree. My first contact was with Bill Bowen. He was so angry at the time and went on a rant against the Anderson's especially Barbara that he drove me back in the JW's for two more year's. He was so bitter that he actually scared me.

    There was also a very famous apostate in the middle of the state that I live in and again this man to me came off as totally crazy, but many including thoes on this board seemed to almost worship him.

    The way Randy Walter's went off this weekend in a attack against Barbara Anderson is again a prime example, or six screens of the watchtower, just his web sight would scare a JW back. What's with that anyway, why act that way? Jonny the ex Bethelight, seriously? It just comes off as totally crazy.

    There are so many great ex JW's, that can reason, such as Barbara Anderson, flipper. OTWO, but the one's who come rantings and swearing, yelling. They just prove the JW's right and drive hurt one's back in.

    I personally think a lot of it, is that they like the fame, the lime light, it's not that they want to help people it's that they want the spot light to shine on them, however they can do it.

    I wish we could be like Leah Remini in her speaking out against Scientology, expect for her swearing she comes across with herself together not some ranting nut case.


  • Crazyguy

    Are you talking about me again?

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2


    I was wondering that this weekend, so many on this board say that Scientology are like JW's expect on steroids. After Randy's rant this weekend I am starting to think JW's are more damaged than most believe. I have started to think they could be hurt the same if not worse than Scientology. There are just to many who lose it in very unproductive ways.


  • OrphanCrow
    Life is to short: After Randy's rant this weekend I am starting to think JW's are more damaged than most believe. I have started to think they could be hurt the same if not worse than Scientology. There are just to many who lose it in very unproductive ways.

    From what I understand, Randy's "rant" needs to be understood from a medical perspective and absorbed with a great deal of compassion for all involved. And with an awareness that his condition, a totally human one, can happen to any one of us. His rant humbles me.

    I think that keeping our behavior controlled and trying to be rational at all times can be, in and of itself, behavior that results in "rants". All it takes is for the right button to be pushed sometimes.

    Hell, I had been "out" for almost 40 years when I went into a meltdown publicly in an interaction with a JW woman. It was horrendous - I had handled everything well in the unexpected interchange with her for several minutes when she 'hit a button'. And I erupted. Embarrassingly so - it was like I was outside my body and the rage spilled out.

    Suppressed speech - which everyone who has been, or still is, a JW has experienced - will escape from our control sometimes and when it does....the voice can be pretty loud.

    Was my behavior productive as activism? Absolutely not. That JW woman that I had a meltdown against was terrified (and so were some of the neighbors) and I know the story spread. I was an insane person (and it was true - my sanity slipped). After 40 years...the madness reigned. And it may very well do it again sometime. I hope not.

    But, the next time after my insanity episode, and every time since, that I have had a JW encounter, I have been sane and rational...sort of...mostly...well, almost

  • Simon
    This isn't good.

    I agree. It's completely counter productive and whatever the claims of the people doing it, they are really doing it for their own satisfaction, nothing more.

    When people burst into a KH or try to disrupt some gathering, it's just playing into their narrative. They have the right to believe what they want and should be able to practice those in their own church as long as they are not harming anyone.

    If they are in a public area, they can and should be challenged but it should be done in a civil and sensible way.

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