Some apostates are coming across as crazed psychopaths

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    Some apostates are coming across as crazed psychopaths..

    Some are..

    This isn't good.


    They don`t speak for me.....Let them be crazy..

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I've never looked at one of those videos. But I may not agree with their method, yet I'm not without understanding it. Many of them feel they were mislead. We must not follow always has his own agenda. It takes time to see that if you live long enough...doesn't the bible say....Man cannot direct his own paths..Many witnesses in & out suffer from suppression. Even though they are in the truth so they think but not even allowed to question the answers...that leads to many other issues in mind and in body. If you need to be validated all the time....the org. is the best place to will get patted on the back just reading a scripture...then at the end of the meeting, someone comes up to you & say, I enjoyed your reading of the scriptures...give me a break....I'm an adult..I can I would understand if it was as young child just starting to read. This is an org. of needy people (not all) that need a lot of attention. They must announce how many hours they did, they did letter writing...telephone witnessing..& so on...all for their own validation and say see me Jehovah, see me...I'm preaching....again, many that come out are angry for many reasons and one of them is that they aren't important anymore...the org.makes one feel special, they feel they know the bible, they feel they can change folks & remember They are chosen.....not the being in an org. that puffs you up with pride (& many of them had pride issues anyway)...The org. makes one feel in this big world they are special. but what I find is that most of them don't have faith, yes they can preach & teach it but they don't have it for themselves...they have hope without faith, but they are too weak to deal with the real world.

    So are apostates coming off crazy, yeah maybe so. But most of us know that witnesses feel that if you leave you'll go crazy & they are right...someone on this site said just because you are not a witness anymore you don't have to prove them right...still believe in God. Do something for someone else...soup kitchen, volunteer work, but remember witnesses don't do anything unless seen or would never occur to some x-witnesses to serve someone other than yourself....Most Christians miss the story of the Good Samaritan...who is your neighbor any and everybody, not only your brothers & sisters....JW's are inbred...

    I'm one...but I stay with them then I move away....they are not happy me it's a put on...I'm happy & I'm trying not to let them take my joy...They would rub off on me not the opposite...People show their anger in different ways....those who show crazy on youTube are mad at the org & at themselves for doubting that's called a gut feeling...& that's what the gut is for. Many read the bible & the lit. & saw it, but wanted to stay in a org. that's is supposedly chosen by Jehovah....that's why many stay, they think they are chosen & when something happens to THEM...

    Well that's another story


  • tor1500

    hi I meant to say that most say if you leave Jehovah you'll go crazy, but that's not true..



  • undercover

    Yea, we need more Leah Reminis and less Danny Haszards

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I think there has always been those type of apostates. But by and large, now a days they are much fewer of them going around as compare to 20 years ago.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i suppose the watchtower class everyone who leaves---or gets chucked out-----as apostates.

    some apostates do take an active roll--in one form or another--in opposing the cult.

    but i rather imagine there are far more ex jw's who simply want to forget it all--and draw a line under it--and get on with their lives.

    as far as the normal outside world is concerned----someone who says they used to be a JW is like saying they used to be a member of a golf club--it means nothing.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Some apostates are coming across as crazed psychopaths..

    That is not a proper use of the word psychopath even though it's misused by many as such. Most psychopaths have no more anger than your regular John Doe. Psychopaths simply have no conscience and are known to be manipulative for their own gain.

    As for combative ex-JWs, that's perfectly understandable even though we may wish that their tactics be different.

  • evilApostate
    But by and large, now a days they are much fewer of them going around as compare to 20 years ago.

    This happens as they vent and release all the anger that they had built up inside. They eventually calm down.

  • Dogpatch

    I have NEVER felt bitter in my life. But I do like to stir the pot. Gets stupid people to shut up, and others unaware of things to wake up with a mild shock.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    I agree. What is wrong with being peaceful? Make them see that we are not mentally diseased. I totally understand anger and bitter resentment. But to take your anger out on the current JW's who are still programmed is utterly despicable. It solidifies the belief that we are all mentally diseased, liars etc etc. Take it out with the policy makers, reason from the scriptures, even if you no longer hold a christian faith because let's face it, the JW's did teach us well. By using the scriptures I believe it helps to shake the rocky foundations their faith is built upon, especially when asking questions. That is how we got our bible studies, remember? By using the scriptures at the doorstep, it had two agendas. Destroy the belief the householder had at that moment, and indoctrinate them to the JW's. We knew how to do it then, so we can still do it now to save our friends and our family members from this wicked cult. Chip slowly, don't give them too much of a mouthful that they choke and stick with what they know. Little seeds, to be dropped, make them question their faith in the organisation, not their faith in their God. And absolutely everything should be done lawfully.

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