Some apostates are coming across as crazed psychopaths

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  • honest

    Not only are there some crazy ex jw's but also a few crazy never been jw's who are now attacking the jw carts in a craze and youtubing it. Kat kraze is one of newest crazies. Check out his latest homosexual hate video. Such a loony. This is why I am happy to be free from religion.

  • sparrowdown

    Like Austin Powers says "oh behave" all you naughty apostates.

    Also, I hate to break it you but apostates already have a bad name it's "apostate."

    Seriously though I couldn't give a rat's what witnesses think of apostates and I am done judging people.

    We don't have to wear an apostate uniform and all agree on which form of activism is good or bad.

  • neverendingjourney

    I agree the behavior is counterproductive. It's unsettling and unlikely to sway public opinion against the Watchtower.

    However, I'm a lot more sympathetic than I used to be. No one would be taken seriously if they said "Boy, a lot of those victims of Bernie Madoff's pyramid scheme come across as crazed psychopaths."

    A great many ex-JWs are dealing with significant psychological damage from the effects of feeling like they've devoted their lives to a religious cult. No two people are the same. Some people are able to walk away relatively unharmed. Others have significant trauma and are never able to fully recover.

    Looking back, I was borderline suicidal for many months after I wised up to the "the truth." Twelve years later I still have lingering issues I'm dealing with, but I woke up in my mid 20s and have been able to more or less remake my life.

    Having a fair number of "crazies" lash out is to be expected from a group of people who used to belong to a religious cult.

  • Finkelstein

    Since I found many JWS to be crazy psychopaths, its not surprising there are a few who can be identified as such after leaving the Borg.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Checked the numbers for people viewing these YouTube videos, not a large number.....JW's are so insignificant.

  • kairos

    I've watched nearly all of JWFairy Tales youtube vids.
    It was just what I needed. Would binge five or more hours on occasion.

    To each his own.

  • scratchme1010

    However, some people are coming across very badly. Extremely angry. Bitter. Challenging witnesses at the carts and making an absolute mess of it by getting angry and eventually being moved on by police, etc.

    I think that it's a mistake to look at it as "good" or "bad". The number one thing that I keep mentioning is that people who are in the cult of the WT are not allowed to get in touch with their feelings. So it's perfectly normal for a person who's actually feeling something for the first time on their own, to voice it the way they do.

    Good for who or bad for who? Good or bad according to what?

    It is part of their process. The anger comes and it's felt. In my case took some time to let it go, but I think it's just ridiculous to expect people to be nice and smiley after being harmed by the WT. Anger happens.

    Speaking of anger, I also think that many people are conditioned to see expressing anger as something "bad". It isn't (within reason). Some people are still learning to deal with it. Who am I to judge or intervene?

    Additionally, I don't think I should care for what other people do or how they deal with leaving the WT. The WT is always going to find something stupid to make people who leave look bad, no matter what they do. Second, expecting to deal with our own anger in a way that looks good to the JWs is still playing by their rules, sort of misses the point of leaving them. Third, who am I to tell people how to express their anger? Fourth, there's nothing new; YouTube only makes it more accessible to see. What's wrong with being in touch with the way things really are? That is, not to mention the proverbial "You don't like it? Don't watch it".

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I binge on you tube videos frequently and have wholeheartedly agree with the OP. Some videos are plain crazy. Speaking to people at carts or outside kingdom halls in an aggressive fashion is completely counter productive imo.

    Having a reasonable calm debate with witnesses mentioning facts is productive. Peaceful protests are reasonable. For example, I saw one ex jw on you tube outside an assembly peacefully walk up the other side of the street with a sign pointing to JW facts or the like. No shouting, no aggressiveness, yet so very effective.

    As someone stuck in a situation in which I occasionally attend meetings, I still view the members of my Cong as friends. They are ordinary every day people who are 'lead' by a small group of controlling men in the US.

    The average witness is generally a sincere God fearing person. It is the Societys policies that need to change.

    It is understandable why so many are angry, but to bring about change, people need to see the facts. JW's aren't stupid. They do listen to reason. It is fear that causes cognitive dissonance. Many of us have been there.

    Getting the message over in a calm, level headed peaceful manner whether through the media, blogs, peaceful protests etc is by far the most effective way to bring about change IMHO.

  • tor1500

    Hi Silent Lamb,

    Wow, did you hit the nail on the head. Exactly, you have to show them from the scriptures.....that's the only way. I'm a witness and know ttatt....As you say, just chip away...I do it by our daily text, my comments all types of ways. It's also how you deliver it. Most brains of the JW's are like this road and they travel back and forth all day on this road never looking to the left or right....soon the brain is hurts when they have to look left or know like when you have a pain and if you move it hurts..

    I have a seeds I plant. Once two friends said we are not allowed to pray for those that are not JW's. So I found a scripture that said it's ok to pray for others, forgot the scripture...well don't you know at our mid week meeting that was brought out...the question was should we pray for others.....Yes, it was right there in black and white and they sited the same scripture I gave my spirit I felt a little tingle...I made a point without making enemies. Use the scriptures....just like we are taught to use the scriptures in our door to door to change folks, the same can be said for the friends...those of you on this site that are not angry with Jehovah, maybe that's how God would prefer the WT to be changed not by anger wishing they would crumble but by peace and his word.

    Soon those of us who are awake & yet still Feb. 2017 WT, they claim they are not inspired nor infallible.....we can have some fun...maybe after the meeting or in field service or wherever if you get the chance you can say, wow, that was so (fill in your own words) of course they are infallible because they aren't perfect, but if they are not inspired how do they feed can say it anyway you can without offending doubt when most read that they will say the same thing in their head....not inspired....but we have the guts to say it but we must use a lot of grease when we do.

    Many are in there for different reasons...I continue to drop seeds a little tiny bit of the time....just like Jesus said, there are more things to tell his apostles...but not right now....slow and steady....just think those of us who are still in or out what good we could do by just being kind & showing them little at time....we could make a difference a little at a time. Hey maybe we are the ones that Jehovah has taken out for his name....a community of those who know ttatt..yet still love God. We can show them the love of God by our actions and conduct..

    Just wanted to say Silent lamb love your approach, be nice if it could happen.


  • flipper

    Good thread. I just believe there are certain ways to communicate with people so that yes- you can voice your opinion - but do it in a way where it still leaves the other persons dignity intact by trying to show respect . There is NO reason to get loud and boisterous and cause a huge scene which tends to diminish you and your message you are trying to get across in the first place.

    When I talk with JW's - wherever- at a coffee shop, JW cart, my goal is to get them to think about what they are being taught , and to get them to realize that whether it's child abuse , shunning, whatever- these are things that are damaging in nature that destroy and hurt families, human relationships - and I usually ( not always ) but usually , draw comparisons to these very same things going on in other churches who are also allowing child abuse or shunning to occur in their churches. This way- the JW doesn't feel like THEIR church is being singled out as " evil " or " corrupt " and by way of comparison after the conversation and the JW goes back to his or her home- THEN in the privacy of their own home at that time with their dignity intact having been respected by me if they so choose- they can research on the Internet anything I've mentioned to see if it's accurate.

    I think the EX-Jw's that go crazy don't realize that cramming information down someone's throat without giving them a chance to DECIDE on their own - is a detrimental thing to do and not effective. At least not effective if you're honestly trying to reach these JW's. Otherwise it's like the old expression- the EX-JW acting this way is just cutting his or her nose off to spite their own face. Useless. And actually a waste of time

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