Jehovah’s Witnesses—the Most Boring People On Earth!

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  • Rocketman123

    I wouldn't say they are most boring people, religious sect .

    We did a lot of things when we were teenagers like skiing, ice skating, biking, travel, boating.

    Sure there was some oppression to what we could do, but we weren't completely shut up.

  • Diogenesister
    I wouldn't say they are most boring people, religious sect

    I don't say witnesses are boring. But the religion itself is incredibly, unspeakably boring! The talks, the meetings.... oh lawdy! It's just repeat, repeat, repeat! Even the language, even the very words they use are the same. Even the timbre and intonation of their voices are the same!!

    Same subjects, same scriptures....need I go on😳😳😳🥱🥱🥱😴😴😴

  • truth_b_known
    We did a lot of things when we were teenagers like skiing, ice skating, biking, travel, boating.

    Rocketman - I did too growing up as a Witness. No denying it. However, I would also be made to feel guilty for doing it.

    "You went to a cabin resort in the secluded forest for a week for a family vacation? Why didn't your dad take you to Bethel for vacation?"

  • Rocketman123

    Forced guilt and obligation is different from boring or boredom.

    Some people got excited to do things they weren't supposed to being a JWS.

    Which of course made them hypocrites and that's one thing you see in a lot of in JWS congregations.

    The meetings were at times very boring, a lot repetitive subjects, especially for kids.

    Hours sitting supposedly listening was really unbearable particularly when your a kid..

  • minimus

    Rocket man, in the old days people were somewhat normal. If you went on a day trip hiking, swimming, playing sports, it was ok. BUT you better not miss a meeting or field service. If you are on vacation, look up where the local Kingdom Hall is and don’t miss a meeting. WEIRDOS!

  • Rocketman123

    Fear, Obligation and Guilt are the core ideological pressures placed upon people who are JWS.

    Or simple brainwashing done so to sustain the organization and keep the people at the top in place with money to use.

    Care to join a religious cult ?

  • Vidiot

    Sounds like everyone is terrified of looking too "worldly".

  • Vidiot
    truth_b_known - "Here is what gets me - Do Witnesses not realize that life in the Watchtower's Paradise will be worse than life now?
    • Watching inappropriate tv/movies or going to websites with unchristian content? No problem! They will no longer exist.
    • Watching violent and competitive professional sports? No problem! They will no longer exist.
    • Secretly wearing tight pants? No problem they will no longer be made.
    • Listening to inappropriate music? No problem. Recorded music is history!
    • No electricity. No running water. No sewage treatment."

    Oh, it'd be much worse.

    I'm sure you all remember what I've previously posted about this subject.

  • Rattigan350

    Not only boring but unhappy.

    When someone marries someone not a Witness. It is said that one is disobedient. But if they are happy, why not be happy for them?

    When someone wins the lottery, that one is bad. But why not be happy for them?

  • minimus

    As a religion, aren’t they considered the “happiest people on earth “?

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