Special Talk During the Meeting Today About the Bad Press in Canada

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  • rebel8

    God forgives everyone and how people can have a change of heart but since elders can't read hearts it is possible that these people may commit the same offences.

    What now? I thought the elders were guided by the imaginary bearded sky daddy himself.

    So either way it's the elders' fault this continues, not jehoopla's. Nice. That guy gets all the credit and none of the blame.

  • blondie

    Elders can't read hearts except when they judge others to be non-repentant!

  • Finkelstein

    1. How do JWs view child abuse?

    The answer to that is they view it as just another sexual misconduct sin like fornication and adultery.

    But its not, its a grievous crime that if these individuals aren't brought before the courts, they many times re-offend putting more children at risk and danger.

    The other point is that if the perpetrator doesn't admit to the act and there was no other witnesses two or not, the elders are instructed to do nothing.

    There has been a long standing influencing by elders of not reporting these situations to the local authorities as in doing so might bring reproach onto Jehovah's organization., so many weren't .

    That's why the Australian Royal commission investigation was started and through this investigation they found over 1000 instances that weren't reported to local law authorities.

  • Richard_I

    Damn, the one time I wish I didn't miss the midweek meeting. I still don't understand why they say this is an imperfect organization, yet claim anything negative about the org is a lie/Satan's persecution, literally ANYTHING negative is a lie or slander. God's perfect imperfect organization on earth.

  • smiddy

    So when three Elders sit in a Judicial Committee judging whether a fellow witness is to be reproved or disfellowshipped for an alleged sin committed by him/her ,they are guided only by by their own thoughts ? Seeing they cant read hearts ,they can make mistakes .?

    Gods Holy Spirit , Direction ,has no part in these proceedings ? Jehovah is not disciplining the alleged offender.?

    It is three imperfect humans making a judgement upon another imperfect human being ,with no divine intervention involved.

  • Vidiot

    Richard_I - "...I still don't understand why they say this is an imperfect organization, yet claim anything negative about the Org is a lie/Satan's persecution, literally ANYTHING negative is a lie or slander..."

    They're not rejecting it because they believe it's lies, slander, or "persecution".

    They're rejecting it because deep down, they're afraid it might be true.

  • wifibandit
  • NVR2L8

    I just read the letter and it is full of spelling mistakes...which is very unusual for any document issued by the WT.

  • sir82

    The thing on reddit is just a transcription, not a photocopy of the original letter.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize how much this has the WT scared.

    Any JWs who heard of any "negative reports likely have already applied a similar line of reasoning ("evil media...half-truths...jw.org....Satan want to stop our preaching...")

    Now, with the letter, 100% of JWs (at least, 100% of those who attended meetings where the letter was read) are aware of "negative reports".

    By drawing attention to the matter, the WTS is ensuring that some curious JWs will fire up their google searches and find all kinds of damning information.

    The usual WT MO is just to ignore bad press. They must be extraordinarily bothered to risk stirring up the curiosity of the rank & file who otherwise likely wouldn't have paid any attention.

  • NVR2L8

    Point taken...the letter has the JW "flavour".

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