Special Talk During the Meeting Today About the Bad Press in Canada

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  • RobertT18

    I was invited to a congregation in Ontario, Canada today and as soon as the meeting opened the brother conducting the meeting said there was a very important statement coming from the borg.

    This talk replaced the two last parts of "Living as a Christian" section. He started reading a letter from the borg about how much they loved us. Some key points:

    - The media is WRONG

    - They are biased

    - The media has decided to ignore all the material on JW.org regarding Child Abuse despite them telling to look into the articles, broadcasting and magazine articles about protecting the child(s) /members of the cong.

    - These "slanders" are SATANIC LIES

    - Satan is bad and hates us

    - We love you and hope you remain strong.

    Second part of the talk was about answering two questions.

    1. How do JWs view child abuse?

    Answer: It's wrong and elders have authorization to report these scumbags to the authorities.

    (Now here's the part I do not understand. I thought they weren't allowed to do this, can someone point me to a source or reference to show it to my friend? He has lost faith because of the new child abuse cases)

    They also, said and read a scripture about how God forgives everyone and how people can have a change of heart but since elders can't read hearts it is possible that these people may commit the same offences. He added as well, that these people would never be able to hold important positions in the cong. Cited Watchtower from Jan 1997.

    (Is this also true or is there a twist behind this?)

    2. How can we help our families understand that these are cruel lies?

    They encouraged everyone and gave sort of like a pre made outline of what to say. I really hate this cult! The outline said to encourage family or people from service to look at the other side of the coin. Also, encouraged bros and sis to cite stuff from an article on JW.org about Pedophiles.

    and that was it!

    It all felt like a really bad press release // damage control. I felt really sick because I've seen the AU Royal Commission stuff and that isn't a lie, it is out there, even on video. But they just tell people that it is a lie and to look the other way when confronted about it. Sickening!

  • wifibandit

    Thank you for your Information!

    I've heard about this from several people. That there is a letter being read to all French Canadian congregations in response to the media coverage/ child abuse documentary.

    Was this at a French Meeting? or English perhaps?

    We need this letter. I am asking everyone to help.

    If anyone has access to it, Please PM me or just email it me: wifibandit1 @ gmail


    The Elders will ONLY report child rape IF the lying "Satanic" authorities FORCE them to. Just think about that....

    The GB, Jesus' "BROTHERS", will ONLY do the right thing IF SATAN MAKES THEM... SATAN wants to make the GB do the right thing.. SATAN wants the GB to protect children, that's how mean Satan is..


  • StephaneLaliberte

    I was told that the letter being read was the one from May 24 2002. Link here.

    What I want to know is: Have you ever heard of any elder being instructed by the Watchtower to actually report an abuser to the police? At this point, I believe that they systematically say no to all the elders who are calling in and asking.

  • RobertT18
    The meeting was in Spanish, actually. My friend is learning Spanish and he invited me to come along with him. Spanish is kind of my second language as I lived in Spain with my grandparents for few years.
  • Crazyguy

    How much did they go in to the media lies, how long was that part of the talk and any more details on that part of the talk?

  • RobertT18

    @Crazyguy -- They read it from a letter the borg sent. It was basically about the media slandering God's name, how they were wrong and biased because they wouldn't look at all the information that was provided to them. It was just that + scriptures being read.

    Edit: They also pulled JW.org on the projector to the aritcle that talks about pedophiles.

  • wifibandit

    Maybe they made an updated version of this letter that now mentions the website?


  • RobertT18

    wifibandit- I sent you a message

  • smiddy

    The JW`s speak out of both sides of their mouth .

    How is it that their was over 1006 cases of child sexual abuse in Australia being handled by the JW judicial committee in over 50 years and not one case was reported by any of the 3018 Elders who presided over those inquisitions ?

    They lie through their teeth ...FALSE

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