Russia=King of the North, USA=King of the South? New info coming in from Annual Meeting 2018

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  • Corney
    But the Soviet Union (USSR) and Russia are separate entities. The Soviet Union (USSR) consisted of about 15 states and it no longer exists. It just so happens that Russia was one of those 15 states. Russia is not the Soviet Union (USSR), there were 14 other countries in addition to Russia which were a part of it.

    Russia is the down-sized and modified Soviet Union and its legal successor. It isn't just one of 15 former Soviet republics; it inherited nearly half of the USSR's population and 3/4 of its territory as like as its seat in the UN Security Council and nuclear arsenal. Russian economy and military are larger and stronger than ones of 14 other former SSRs combined. Moreover, its army is the second or third strongest in the world.

    they weren't saying Russia was the king of the north when they had a nice branch there and collecting a tidy sum in donations from the people. Ipocrities

    You say this like they offend Russia. In fact, they just declared it eschatologically significant. The US&UK are "a false prophet" and "a two-horned wild beast that spoke like a dragon", and who cares?.

    As to "a tidy sum in donations'. More than half of the Russian branch's expenses were funded by foreign donations and grants. And it received from 'its' congregations (170K publishers) just three times more money than Watch Tower Ireland from Irish ones (6K pubs). The Russian branch was expensive, not profitable.

    For the Russian state it is a gift and a shot to an open goal. This happend earlier in communist country's. With one victim: the local witnesses, and two winners: the state and the wts. G.

    I don't understand how this is a win for WT. On the one hand, major decrease in Russia and painful blow for the organization. What's on the other hand? Purely speculative reasonings about encouraging effect of the new martyrs' stories?

  • EverApostate

    I had read in a very old WT publication that Napoleon Bonoparte was the King of the North.

    Then came Hitler, USSR and now Russia. Seems Jehovah himself is confused as to who the King of the North is.

  • deegee


    Thanks. I need to brush up on my history RE: Russia and the USSR.

  • dozy

    Its very easy from the safety of the USA to make the usual wild vague nonsense speculation about the King of the North being Russia. It's probably rather unwise at this present time - unlike the GB and their minions , the Russian JWs don't have the option to phone the branch and get their asses onto a flight , tuck into the complementary booze and prawn sandwiches and get the hell out of dodge ASAP.

    Mark Sanderson tells us that when the appeal at the Supreme Court was negative that they had to leave Russia immediately... but they had no tickets. He tells the committee members to just drive to the airport and on the way he's in contact with the travel desk at Watchtower. Well, whattayaknow... the travel desk managed to get 18 tickets for all of them to leave on the same plane. Praise Jehovah!... oh, but in reality... how hard can it be for some schmuck with access to the internet and a credit card to book a plane ticket? It's hardly a miracle now is it? Why, you can even turn up to an airport without a ticket and just buy one at the desk. Sure, it'll be more expensive but when you're a GB member whats a couple of grand? As long as Mark Sanderson can fly out of Moscow first class with a martini and a steak meal.

    Mark even says "we felt as if we'd been picked up be Jehovah and safely carried out of Russia." WTF?!! So he gets you out of Russia but he couldnt make a supreme court judge overturn the ban of your own people? And what about the Russian witnesses that are still there?

  • smiddy3

    And when Russia fails to live up to the Governing Body`s expectations as the King of the North they will probably shift their focus on to the emerging world power of China as the King of the North .

    Watch this space.

  • Vidiot

    The "King of the North" is kinda like the Bond villain Blofeld.

    In virtually film he's in, he's played by a different guy, and none of 'em even come close to matching the hype.



    North of where, exactly??


  • blondie

    If you open up your books called Mankind's Search for God book - inside cover.
    Look at the map and see how big the Islamic empire is. I was told that it has more than Christendom.
    So maybe we have been looking at the wrong part of Babylon the Great. It is the most aggressive.
    It is the one that is irritating the King of the North and the Wild Beast, isn't it? So we have to stay alert, friends.

  • Rattigan350

    Since the end of WWII it has been Russia- USSR. But in 1993 they were unsure if it could be Russia anymore in the Daniel book. but I've always felt that it was still Russia. If now they are saying it is Russia, nothing changed. It has always been Russia and never China as KoN and US as the KoS.


    As has been said, it’s really convenient that prophecies can only be understood during and after they have been fulfilled. 😂

    Its pretty easy to be a prophet these days..


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