Russia=King of the North, USA=King of the South? New info coming in from Annual Meeting 2018

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Any announcement about identifying Russia as King of the North is neither new nor exclusive to JWs.

    Jehovah's speeding chariot is severely lagging behind the opinions of scholars and churches.

  • Gorbatchov

    I think now for the second day about the Russian witnesses. They are in an awfull situation now. Like earlier the wts takes a fundamentalist direction, there is no way out now for the rank and file. For the Russian state it is a gift and a shot to an open goal. This happend earlier in communist country's. With one victim: the local witnesses, and two winners: the state and the wts.


  • sparky1

    "In the king of the north Jehovah God does not have to deal with someone whom he did not foresee. ..................During the more than two thousand years that he has been bearing rule, the "king" has undergone changes, from the Seleucid dynasty of the Hellenic kings, through the pagan Roman emperors, the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox emperors, the Germanic emperors of the Holy Roman empire, the Austrian and German Kaisers, the Nazi imperial ruler and now the Communist imperial ruler."-YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH page 291 published 1958

    'Everything old is new again!' As many on this forum are fond of saying: "Wash, rinse, and repeat."


  • Corney
    Russia is it... again... because they took the wt property.
    Didnt Russia confiscate their property? Bad Russia!

    I find this kind of comments stupid, intellectually dishonest and unethical.

    The Russian ban isn't just about properties. 150,000-200,000 Witnesses are declared second-class people, and hundreds or even thousands were and are harassed, persecuted and intimidated by the Government.

    And the complex web of Watchtower's interests, reasons and motivations cannot be reduced to money - at least for critically thinking people.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    All I know is I spent half my life at book studies studying this crap of the king of the North and the king of the South. We are special because we have knowledge no one else has. Let's all take a deep breath and then say to ourselves "It's a Cult!" Still Totally ADD

  • nowwhat?

    Just like they used the brothers in Malawi as pawns. They are doing the same thing with the Russia brothers. Once Russia finds this out. It can only lead to more persecution. And so you have self fulfilling prophecy!

  • wannaexit

    they weren't saying Russia was the king of the north when they had a nice branch there and collecting a tidy sum in donations from the people. Ipocrities

  • deegee

    The King of the North-South prophecy of Daniel 11 is one of the many failed prophecies in the Bible.

    However JWs and other end times religions keep recycling this prophecy and projecting its fulfillment into the future despite their failed predictions.

    According to the WT, in the modern age the King if the North has been Germany and then the USSR.

    From about the 1950s the WT claimed that the “king of the south” in Daniel 11 was fulfilled in Britain and America, and “the king of the north” in the Soviet Union (USSR). (Your Will Be Done On Earth 1958, pp 263 & 278).

    The WT's Your Will Be Done book stated:

    – …the Soviet Union (USSR), the Communist power, that since it seized power in Russia in 1917, has held world domination as its aim to this day (i.e. up to 1958 at the time of the book’s publication).( p. 278)

    – Down to the ‘time of the end’ at Armageddon there will be competitive coexistence between the ‘two kings’. (p. 297)

    – Jehovah’s angel foretold further aggressions by the Communist king of the north before his end at Armageddon. (p. 300)

    – The Soviet Union (USSR) will gain control of most of the world and its wealth and resources including oil.(pp 297, 303)

    – The Soviet Union (USSR) will then be terrified by reports issued by the WT and initiate an attack against JWs. (pp 304-305)

    – Finally the Soviet Union (USSR) and America will join forces to attack the JWs which leads to the annihilation of both America and the Soviet Union. (pp 306-307)

    – Billions of people on earth who are not JWs will at that time be destroyed. (p. 347)

    As we all know, the Soviet Union (USSR) collapsed during the early 1990s and has fragmented into a Commonwealth of Independent States and former Soviet republics, despite the WT's predictions that the Soviet Union will competitively exist until Armageddon, and will fall at that time after aggressions against the rest of the world.

    In a previous WT book, The New World (1942), “The king of the north” was quite different and “included the Central Powers, or imperial Germany, Roman-Catholic Austria-Hungary, Roman Catholic Italy and Vatican…Japan…” (p. 324).

    An even earlier WT book, Thy Kingdom Come (1891), applied the latter part of Daniel chapter 11 to the Napoleonic period in 1799.

  • deegee

    ALSO, the multiple ways in which the WT and others have predicted the fulfillment of this prophecy shows that this "prophecy" was not a valid prophecy in the first place.

    For a prophecy to be valid It must not allow for a multitude of possible interpretations or events, it can only be fulfilled in one way not multiple ways.

    It must be clear and unambiguous so that its meaning cannot be misinterpreted or changed; and it should not be just a logical guess about an impending event.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    The eight Popes residing now in Warwick know very well that by keeping their flock in due expectation of new lights they can count on new and guaranteed influxes of hard currencies.

    To allow them to have a change of scenery will the GB members soon reveal to them the most secret identity of a new Occidental King or a new Oriental One ? Who knows ?

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