"High" education

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  • NewYork44M


    The key if to figure out some non-answers that stop the conversation. It is no one's business. You need to be quick to change the conversation. I suggest practicing. Keep in mind that most people really don't care. They would much rather talk about the weather, or some silly point from the meeting.

  • Finkelstein

    In JWland going to University or College to get a degree of some kind is liken to spiritual weakness.

    ie. It would be unlikely that a young male who was in University or returning, would be chosen as an elder.

    If the WTS had control over the world they would have abolished all Universities and Colleges.

    ..........and wouldn't that have been grand for all humanity ?

  • Finkelstein

    This ignorant self serving apathetic prick said in speech to attending JWS that pursuing higher education is like putting a gun to your head.

    Gerrit Locsh GB member ......


  • Esmeralda001
    Where did pages 5 and 6 go ^_•????!! Hmm Strange!
  • done4good

    "High" education? Well that is a different subject entirely, I think...;-)

    As for higher education? Yes, I went to uni despite the org.'s message not to, (pre-1992, before they "softened" their view).

    No, it was not always easy. Not so much because of JW lack of support, however. I had two dear JW friends that gave me support to go. I am forever grateful for that. Most of the difficulty was actually my own apprehension about going to begin with, ironically.

    Yes it has been beneficial, beyond my dreams, almost 25 years later. I also recently completed an advanced degree in my field.


  • out4good4


    I guess its easy to say that when 8 million people are falling all over themselves flying you all over the planet and paying all your bills.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    I would have to say yes and no. In the early 70's the 1975 push was on and so I did not apply myself as I was brain washed into going into the full time ministry work. As it goes this was an eye opener for me as I seen first hand the hypocrisy from some of these so called full time ministers, that turned me off. In the long run they did me a favor as this was the start to me questioning the organizations claim as the spirit directed organization. Years later after I was married and had to work full time to support my family I started to take night school courses to upgrade my skills. This eventually ended me up getting a better job, all be it not the work I would have preferred but at least I was able to a good living where I could be able to build up a pension and retire early. Now I pursue my first love in the entertainment industry, not as a career but as a hobby. This is something the borg always frowned upon but I am doing it for myself and not to make anyone else happy.
  • Alive!

    The 'higher education' thing is truly confusing.

    On one hand the org cheerfully utilises the skills of degree qualified members....then they slap down the notion of wanting to get a university education as being 'prideful' when addressing the rank and file. It doesn't leave a great deal of room for self accountability - choices come with a tick of approval or not.

    Interstingly, the GB spread the idea that if you go to University, you endanger your spiritual health....and potentially could draw away from your Heavenly Father...

    Yet, I have attended two different churches in the past couple of years, both highly populated with qualified doctors, nurses, teachers etc ( and other professions requiring a degree) - I've got to know a few of these people ( including extended family etc and add to that my own extended family) - their heartfelt love for God and neighbour seems pretty sound to me.

    PS - Thats not meant to be a church promotion! It's just an observation.... University did not lead these folk into the dens of black iniquity!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This Gerrit Losch said in a Convention a few years ago that taking in a College Education shows ''disrespect'' for the Truth.
  • kaik

    Education is not just for the young.

    Excellent point. In this economy and structure of the labor force, it is also necessary. People are forced to work later. Some countries the full-time retirement will not start until 68. Science and technology constantly arrive with new discoveries and methods, and it is crucial to stay on top of it.

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