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  • Esmeralda001

    Hi :-)

    did any of you guys disregard the WT recommendations and pursue a career.

    If you answer "yes": was your journey easy? Are you happy with the end result? Did some people try to slow you down?

    If you answer is "no": do you have regrets? Would you deny to your children access to higher education? If you could go back in time, what would you change?

    everyone is welcome to share their experience\thoughts

  • Divergent
    I started pursuing my higher education at a time when it was not frowned upon (mid 2000's). There was no condemnation from anyone at all. Of course, things would be very different now!
  • Oubliette

    Yes. No. Yes. Absolutely. Not in the least; I should have done this earlier! Never. A lot!

    Details to follow ...

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    In the 90's when I started I was talked to by the Elders and then there were some pioneer sisters that snubbed their noses at me. Over all my congregation didn't really care. The presiding overseer had a bachelor in education and was a high school teacher. Another elder had a bachelor and eventually got a law degree to practice immigration.

    I earned a Bachelors in Business management, and pursued a manager position in retail. I worked many years managing several witnesses that never knew my past. They were stockers barely making minimum wage. I didn't feel any glee because in reality I felt miserable for those that I did manage, because of the low pay and my inability to really change their predicament.I'm glad I chose that career because of the experience of managing people is a great skill to acquire.

    I since quit that position and am pursing two degrees. One degree in nursing from a local college and a BS in Health Informatics from WGU online. I will complete my Health Informatic degree in 2016 and nursing in May 2017. I'm glad i pursued my degree/s because of the increase standard of living, and the ability to direct my own path. Though I have strong opinions I don't judge those that I care for. I enjoy helping others and thankful I have the ability to pursue a career change.

    I think the later is the most important to me. I'm able to travel and will be going to Ecuador this summer to assist in nursing and healthcare events.

  • berrygerry

    Sorry, misread the thread - probably should have been "Higher Education"


  • JeffT

    I started studying and was baptized about the time I got a BA in English. Their were no jobs for English teachers at the time, I ended up taking care of lab animals (I job I'd had earlier working for my Dad). Almost ten years later I went back to school to study accounting in a one year intensive program.

    The elders counseled me not to do it, but I guess they couldn't DF me for it. Looking back, I think that was the start of getting out, which happened five years after I got the accounting certificate.

    The accounting career worked out well, for the most part. I'm glad I did it. I made up my mind to leave listening to a talk about the evils of higher education at at a CA. My children were going into their teen years and I wanted better things for them. That was in 1988.

  • SloppyMcFloppy
    Funny the correlation of higher education and your eyes being opened to the craziness of the org. After i got my degree is when my eyes were opened.....i highly recommend getting a degree. If your thinking about it just do it and dont let anybody talk you out of it. I guarantee you will not regret it when you look back years later. My only regret is i didn't do it 10 years prior!
  • goingthruthemotions

    i tell my son's all the time that knowledge is power and a degree from college is something no one can ever take from you!

    when i tell them the knowledge is power, and that's why the watchtower doesn't want people to go to college, because they don't want people to be empowered..

    i got my degree, EE. i wasn't a witness, but even if i was....i would have gotten one anyways.

    i hate this cult.

  • A.proclaimer

    I've known young people (and a few older ones) in my current and old congregation who have actually pursued higher education, including an elder and sons/daughters of elders, regardless what is said by the Watchtower. One person I know works in a medical lab now. But I've also came across some in the congregation that are really against higher education and talk about how it's pointless to go. An elder who gave me my study, for sometime tried to discourage me from continuing, without directly saying it. He didn't press on it much though. I haven't ran into any problems myself, and I'm still going to university. My mother always tells me what "goingthrutheemotions" said in the first paragraph, and she's a JW. It depends who you come across. The official statement is "no higher education" but there are those who still go.

    However, I am always asked when I am going to finish. Or maybe that's what others do too, I'm not sure.

  • kaik

    Yes, Yes.

    I studied in Europe and later in USA. I earned B.S. and I got corporate career in field I love. I earned two graduate certifications to be more proficient in the area from the state university, and I got promoted. I am in process to complete my master's degree, and I am waiting for my thesis to be accepted by faculty. I am set to graduate in six months. I wish I had more strength to pursue PhD. However, school and job totally whipped me out in past two years. And it is expensive.

    When I went to university 25 years ago, I got visit from two elders. They were not very happy and tried to persuade me to quit. My JW aunt constantly told to everyone that I will never make it through, because I suppose to be stupid as my dad. My dad studied with her, but refused to get baptized. My father never went to school, he was born during Great Depression and lived through WWII where my grandparents lost everything due air raids. He had to work to survive, and never had the chance to pursue education. Under Stalin he was drafted into army until he was purged in 1968/69. Nonetheless, my father spoke several languages, and had amassed a library of 2000 books.

    My mom is supportive. My grandfather was scientist, university professor, and member of national academia with both PhD and doctorate. If I would change a bit, I would pick different school for my graduate certification and my undergraduate major to be more aligned with current job market. I recommend everyone to go to school, it is a great experience. After my master's, I will take a break. I may go for second master's to be more specialized.

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