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  • Esmeralda001

    Thank you for you answer londo

    Ideally i'd want to complete a fellowship in dermatology (is that how we say it in english?) I know it is highy discouraged, but I don't care :-). Apart from being labled as spiritually weak, what would be the consequences for pursuing such goals?

  • Londo111

    It can make one a pariah. But you are already experiencing some of this already as a “Bible study”, because you are still viewed as ‘spiritually weak’, perhaps ‘worldly’, a potential source of contamination. Thus JWs are on guard.

    Since you are female, it would have less impact, because sadly, this religion has backwards views on women based on an ultra-fundamentalist interpretation of scripture.

    If you were a baptized male, this would have more impact on making “advancement” or “reaching out”. You would not likely be used as much. You would not likely be able to become a ministerial servant or elder while undergoing higher education. This can bring a certain amount of shame for some.

    Of course, women are generally not allowed to be ministerial servants or elders, or handle accounts, or handle the sound equipment, or even so much as carry a microphone (that would be scandalous!).

  • Esmeralda001
    I'll pursue this goal regardless. I'm not afraid of the consequences, for I'm already an outcast to their eyes. 🤓
  • Cosima

    A professor once said to me, "I'm not here to teach you. I'm here to teach you how to learn."

    Young congregation members developing a love of learning is bound to lead them to the fact that they've been lied to. Denying college to Jehovah's Witness youth is the equivalent of the dumbing down of the masses, when the masses are already lacking basic knowledge of the world.

  • Yogapants
    Just finished my associates, into undergrad in Jan. 2 classes at a time, slow go but loving what I'm learning.
  • Esmeralda001
    Let's go my dear! @yogopants

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