The borg is fighting tooth and nail to not turn over sex abuse records, and the press is taking note :)

by EndofMysteries 53 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Vidiot

    I find it interesting that of all the active JWs and sympathizers who come on here to defend the Org, none of them have ever said, "no, the WTS has no pedophile problem".

  • Hadriel

    @Vidiot I would love to see their complacent attitude after it happens to them or their child.

    Waiting on Jah is all fine and well until it effects you personally. Witnesses in general take this attitude.

    Think about death in the world. A sister literally told my wife that with all the bombings and terrorism in France that she was secretly happy because it meant the end was so very close.

    That's the mentality you're dealing with.

  • pepperheart

    Of course the borg has a problem and they have made a second problem for them selves by not trying to sort it out and thats why they dont want the charity commission to look at the files because they will see 1000's of cases of child abuse

  • freddo

    Anyone know how, if and when the UK Charity Commision will "go in"? (As in start investigating our dear brothers and guardians of doctrine up in London Bethel?)

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