The borg is fighting tooth and nail to not turn over sex abuse records, and the press is taking note :)

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  • joe134cd
    Yup definitely apostate driven lies and an attack by Satan on jehovahs earthly organisation.
  • ToesUp

    "Why else would watchtower fight so hard in USA and Uk to conceal the records?"

    Correct! If you have nothing to hide, then you would produce the documents.

  • Tornintwo

    I spoke to the investigator st the CC and he said they're looking at child abuse issues, domestic abuse issues and punitive shunning, he said they had a productive meeting with WTS and the trustees asked them where was their proof that there were problems in theses areas for the WTS. so if the CC went to gather evidence and they have many testimonies now of people mistreated and abuse mishandled. WTS threw down the gauntlet and asked for proof now it's gonna bite them in the ass. Anyone with an experience if you haven't done so already call the Charity commission!!

    Overall the question they have to answer apparently as a charity is if as a whole they benefit society. A legacy of abuse victims ignored and mistreated, abusers coddled, domestic violence condoned and families torn apart by shunning says NO! This could be very bad in a big way for the JWS in UK.

  • EndofMysteries

    I'll send a message to the charity commission. In addition to abuses, it may be helpful for people to point out that they are NOT a charity. They don't give finanical, food, or any help to their own members, let alone outsiders. Almost every other church does actual charity help. The WT has it's followers shun education, gets them very poor, and is pressuring them to give every penny to spare they have, but won't help in return. That is where you can message the charity commission.


    Someone should send the Guardian the old songbook cover. You know, the one with the big black schlong? That would be a nice "mushroom tattoo" to the face....


  • Vidiot
    Cofty - " it possible that they know they are sitting on a problem of such proportions that it will destroy them?"

    Destroy? Probably not.

    Severely cripple, though? Gets my vote.

    The only reason I can think of for the amount of stonewalling they've done is that full compliance would - in the end - result in far, far worse consequences for the Org than loss of tax-exempt status or the steadily rising tsunami of court fines / settlements.

    Remember, the only real thing keeping the majority of the rank-and-file IN is the insistence that the WTS is "God's Earthly Organization"...

    ...however, when faced with overwhelming and undeniable evidence of an endemic and institutionalized sex offender problem - in said Org, from said Org's own records, no less, the temptation to suspect (i.e. realize) that the WTS isn't really "God's Earthly Organization" after all would become too strong to resist for too many of them.

    After all, it's not like being an active JW is an overly pleasant experience... and if it's not "God's Earthly Organization", what real incentive is there to stay?

  • stuckinarut2

    They make the comment that "those found guilty by a judicial committee of the sin are removed from the congregation". Great, safeguard the cong....right?

    As the Aust Royal Commission then skilfully pointed out: "So if you find someone guilty you disfellowship them from the cong to protect the cong...BUT what do you do to protect the community at large?"

    To which Jackson said "well what can we do?"

    The judges said "you can report them to the authorities!"


  • pepperheart

    I bet there are 1000s and 1000s of child abuse cases on the files that the watchtower has and i bet they havent passed any on to the police and its painfully slow coming out but when it does im sure that it will have been worth the wait :-)

  • kairos

    This needs to happen.

    Justice is coming.

  • ToesUp


    I agree. Justice is coming and WT knows it is in trouble. Once I saw the Bunker video I knew that WT was setting this up. They want the rank and file to think the JW's are being persecuted. I spoke with a friend and the ones who watched this video at the assembly were truly frightened. You can just see it coming.

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