The borg is fighting tooth and nail to not turn over sex abuse records, and the press is taking note :)

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  • Zaccheus

    Here's hoping The Guardian continues to pursue this. The respectability and journalistic integrity of this newspaper, that is funded by a trust fund and not advertisers, with a high regard for defending human rights, lends huge credibility to the facts presented. It is difficult to keep up the mirage of persecution complex when "The Truth" is getting exposed in the clear light of day.

  • zeb

    Orphan crow..."they are sitting on a problem of such proportions that it will destroy them?" well put.

  • redpilltwice

    I often wonder... What's the effect of the ARC hearings on JW's in Australia so far? Are their numbers already dropping because of the scandals' magnitude or do they still believe it's all apostate lies?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Cofty's point as regards the legal tactics seems correct to me. It is as though they are trying to be inflammatory.

    Contrast that to the Methodist Church and it's free apology for it's wrong doing and its own enquiry going back to 1950.

    They have earned respect due to their openness and honesty.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I don't understand why the Society doesn't just burn them all, delete them or plain destroy them. Problem solved. Obviously they don't use the records to any practical effect. Not suggesting it but c'mon, all they have to say is what Nixon said, "What 18 minutes?"
  • Tornintwo

    Because the senior officers would literally go to prison if the records were destroyed now...

  • OrphanCrow
    wasanelderonce: Obviously they don't use the records to any practical effect

    I can think of a practical use for such records.

    Records like that would give whoever held them a tremendous amount of power over the ones named in the records. Hell...if someone's name was on there...maybe someone who has a prominent position...that person would sure have to toe the line

    Records that reveal criminal behavior are a powerful tool in the hands of power junkies

    *think: criminal do they control the guys who play front line? They hold dirt on them...they hold power over them. The front line guys have to be loyal. Loyalty or their ass is toast

  • flipper

    " This is a time for apologies, not for appeals. " Truer words have never been spoken- and yet- WT Society WILL continue to dig in their heels refusing to disclose their child sex abuse policies or release any information concerning WHO the child abusers are. It's because it goes up to the upper reaches of the organizations leaders. Has to be a big part of this. We know about the Greenlee's & Chitty's of the past who were high up WT names guilty of sex abuse - rumors about Jaracz- it really makes you wonder just WHO WT Society leaders are trying to protect right now. OR- As Orphan Crow mentioned what OTHER entities are being served or protected by hiding this information regarding sex crimes ? There's a lot of $$$$$ to lose and a lot of $$$$$ to pay out once this info gets into the courts.

    And still- the GB and WT leaders remain arrogant and stubborn to cooperate ! This will start happening in all countries as it seems WT leaders are keeping this same tactic of hiding and avoiding giving out information in Australia, England, the United States .......... everywhere. So as someone mentioned WT leaders will continue in desperation to " play the persecution card " like in the " Bunker " videos trying to deceive and convince rank & file JW's that " we are being persecuted unjustly for righteousness sake like Jesus. " Let's hope that more and more JW's start seeing this for what it is - a criminal organization with criminal leaders protecting and aiding and abetting felony child molesters who rape innocent children. WT lies and deception in the media are getting tired to listen to. Let more exposure of these crimes happen and let us all do what we can to save children and expose this corrupt organization for what it is- criminal

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    The borg is fighting tooth and nail...

    Don't you mean "tooth and claw"?

  • freddo

    This article has appeared in the printed copy of the Guardian today too. Saturday 13th August page 14.

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