Would I lie to you?

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  • TMS

    slimboyfat: "TMS I'd like the second story to be true. Good story."

    Actually, that was the phony, fabricated, but "feel good" account.

  • TMS

    1. A group of group of 15 or so young JW young men were at a playground basketball court. The group was evenly mixed between black and white brothers, but several white brothers languished on the sidelines, not being picked to play. One tall white brother had enough of this and at the conclusion of one game shouted "blacks versus whites!"

    Quickly, two teams took the court, entering into an overly competitive game of b-ball which was eventually one by the blacks, but not without a couple loud disagreements.

    2. At what we used to call a District Convention, a brother in his mid-twenties approached me. "You know, TMS, I was appointed a department head at this assembly, well actually, another brother and I were both given departments. I don't think it's right. All we did was lay carpet in the circuit overseer's RV and we get the appointments. I'm not accepting it. I've never even been an assistant before. I don't think this is right. We shouldn't have received these assignments for doing a favor for the circuit overseer."

  • GrreatTeacher

    The story about my husband meeting Bill Cosby was true. Good guess, SBF.

    The story about the Secret Service chasing my husband out of Dick Cheney's fishing hole did not happen...to him. This is a local legend that absolutely happened to the friend of the cousin of that guy at work!

    Urban legends usually have a grain of truth to them. Dick Cheney did actually own a piece of property around here and he does act like his name. :)

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    For my stories, everybody wins. They are both true.

    Why not one lie?

    I don't play the game by their rules anymore ;-)

    Also I couldn't think of a lie.

    And yes, I was ashamed of taken the WWW donation money. I was like 14 at the time. It was a really small amount, and I added it to my regular donations years later. Looking back, I should have kept all of it :-p

    I'll add more stories later....

  • shepherdless

    My guesses:

    Anders: I would have picked 2 as more real. (I see you say both are true.)

    LoveUni: I picked 2 as I knew enough about running to know 1 was impossible .

    Nicolaou: 1. Is very plausible. 2. is not the way people typically react. Hence I guess 1.

    PeteZ: I would have picked 3 and 4. I guess I got one right.

    greatteacher: I guessed 2 because I couldn't understand how your husband's boss got to the other side of the door after locking it. I obviously read too much into that.

    sbf: 1 is quite plausible. 2 is not quite right.

    Bonsai: 2, or wouldn't post.

    TMS: 1. Language not quite right (too theatrical) for 2. Also I can't see a panel of 3 reversing a decision.

    TMS again: 1, as 2 is not the way people generally behave in that situation.

  • shepherdless

    In relation to my own two stories, 2 is a complete fabrication.

    in relation to 1, I did flour the story to throw people off the scent.

    Firstly, my active JW wife has indeed viewed all the proceedings. She knows the proceedings better than me. I have no idea how she came to investigate that. My guess was that it came from someone at KH, but I just don't know. That was just a surmise or dubious extrapolation on my part.

    Secondly, my second para is completely true, except it happened months ago, and:

    (A) I don't know whether or not the old lady has internet access. I just threw that in, given a recent post by John Aquila.

    (B) As bizarre as it might seem, I don't detect an internal struggle in my wife. In fact, I do not understand how someone who knows what she knows is still in the "truth", but she is rock solid.

    So overall, by many people's standards, my first post was true.

    Anyway, that was fun! Perhaps a good workout for people's b.s. detector as well.

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer
    Anders, I suspected them both to be true 😫 But thought you were playing by the rules. Lol.
  • GrreatTeacher

    Ah, sherherdless, I suspected the first story was true. It is hard to understand how your wife can know all of that and then stay, but sometimes people overcome cognitive dissonance by doing anything to justify their current opinion. I hope she does continue to listen to these stories and that she eventually changes her mind.

    Also, I reread my Bill Cosby story and it really was unclear. The boss left the kitchen, locking the door behind him. Good pointer!

  • Listener
    Anders Anderson - And yes, I was ashamed of taken the WWW donation money. I was like 14 at the time. It was a really small amount, and I added it to my regular donations years later. Looking back, I should have kept all of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    I was really puzzled by your post, I looked through your earlier posts and think you sound like an honest person and also a dedicated JW when you were in.

    I thought that No. 2 was a lie because of keeping the donated money, we've had a discussion on that here before and it is not something that many people would have done. Overstating time records yes but not stealing money. I am not in the least surprised that you paid it back. When we are young we probably test the boundaries more and are more daring.

    I thought maybe you were probably influenced by your Brother to a large extent. Would that be true?

    Anyway, it really shows why kids and teenagers should not be baptized, it is wrong. They will do things that a more mature person wouldn't, they are still learning and developing. This is probably the biggest reason why Courts deal differently with minors. They are seen to be less culpable. For baptized JW kids, the guilt for doing relatively normal things must play on them greatly. They are too young to fully understand why and why they do not do certain things.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    I'll comment after I have doen my next Would I Lie To You....

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