Would I lie to you?

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  • shepherdless

    I will take up sbf's challenge.


    Story 1:

    I can not believe it. I have hope for the downfall of the borg.

    I have read here that those that are still in the borg don't talk about the Australian Royal Commission. Well that is not the case in my wife's congregation. Not only that, my wife actually has viewed all the proceedings. I don't know the details of what they discuss when they go out on field service, but I suspect that there they talk more openly.

    Linked to the discussions they have, there is an elderly sister in my wife's congregation, that lives not far from us, that my wife sometimes picks up and drives to meetings. Through her life living in a number of Australian congregations following her husband around (now deceased). She told my wife that Jehovah is simply not "with" some of those congregations. This is a lady in her 80's that does not have access to the internet, and webstes such as these. Her words have had an effect on how my wife views Watchtower. Unfortunately her faith has not been broken yet, but I can detect an internal struggle.

    Story 2:

    Our local Kingdom Hall is set on a slip road to an arterial highway. There is a Pentecostal Church further up the slip road, but otherwise the area is taken up by light industry (small factories, warehouses etc). The nearest residential plots are a street back. I guess when it came to build a Kingdom Hall, it was cheap land.

    Recently, a friend of mine in the commercial real estate business has been asked to provide some advice on that kingdom hall. In particular, advice on its potential as commercial real estate. My friend explained it is worth virtually nothing as a meeting hall as there are plenty of those around and they don't generate much income. It has no value as a retail outlet either, given its location. However, its location as a warehouse and storage facility is huge, especially given the existing carpark and fairly secure fencing around it. It is set on a large block of land.

    I gather someone is probing the market. My friend did not say who. At the moment two congregations operate from that Kingdom Hall, but the numbers that attend my wife's have dropped to around 30 to 40. I can see them combining the congregations with others nearby. There are 2 that are within 20 mins drive, and it would make sense for them to rationalise. Or at least it would make sense if Watchtower is nothing more than a publishing and real estate business.


    There you go. One of those stories is true. The other is completely false.

  • slimboyfat

    Rather be the hammer, if that story shocks you, I recommend you get a hold of this book. Hold on to your hat. Funny read!


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Great idea for a thread, SBF!

    Here are my two stories:

    1. When I was younger, I used to run for Backheath Harriers athletics club and as an 11 year old, ran the 100m in 12.90 secs.

    2. When I was two, I saw my dad shaving one day. I waited until the bathroom was empty and took his razor and tried to shave myself.

  • LoveUniHateExams
    Sorry, Blackheath Harriers ...
  • nicolaou

    1. When my brother and I were just 2 and 3 years old our Mum used her imagination to ensure good behaviour. She once told us to be good or she'd "put us in the freezer and make us into lollipops".

    Sure enough, once Mum was out of sight I made every effort to get my kid brother into the freezer. Almost had the lid closed before Mum came back to the kitchen.

    2. Walking my dog on a quiet afternoon I caught sight of a new neighbour seemingly stark naked in her conservatory. In the few stunned seconds before I regained my senses and turned around we actually made eye contact.

    Subsequently my wife made friends with 'Emma' and one day I came home from work to find them both having coffee in OUR conservatory.

    Mrs Nic introduced us and with a sly wink Emma nodded towards the windows and remarked how beautiful our garden looked.

    "I hope you never tire of the views Nic" she said.



  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Unnecessary elaboration. The more someone embroiders a story, adding unnecessary details and irrelevant information, the greater the chance he or she is making it up.

    I always thought liars added more details than necessary... (This is not a clue either way BTW)

  • slimboyfat
    There's a difference between elaboration and detail. I stick with my guess.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Would I lie to you ??

    I walked into a room one time and actually saw one of the Governing Body members (and his member) bare ass naked.

    Would I lie to you??

    I called on a Presbyterian minister at the door when I was in high school and he was so taken by my presentation and ability to use the bible, he asked me to speak to his congregation. I gave a talk in his Church the following Sunday entitled "Getting out of Babylon the Great". Several people began studies and as far as I know are still JW's to this day.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Would I lied to you??

    I traveled with Aerosmith during their 1999 "9 Lives" tour, as a crew member setting up their sound system and lighting. Steven Tyler would fly in just before the concert. I was asked to pick him up at a private airport in Atlanta (his manager trusted me, an honest fresh faced JW) I had been reading the latest magazines while I waited for his plane to come in. He asked me about them as we drove to the Hotel but was absolutely not interested in anything that serious.

    Would I lie to you??

    My Great Great Grandfather (on my Mother's side) and Lady Diana's (Princess of Wales) Great Great Grandfather, (on her Mother's side) were brothers. When Dianna married Charles, we didn't attend because the wedding was held in Westminster Abbey (Babylon the great) and also because of the fact that we simply weren't invited.

  • Lostwun

    We've been lied to already by the WT Organization why continue the trend and lie to one another on here to only cause division and mistrust?

    In my opinion by encouraging this it paints everyone here in a bad light and only feeds the negative connotation jw'lurkers and WT adherents feel about apostates anyway that all we do is lie.

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