Today's Text - Justifying The Increase Of Annointed Ones!

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  • Divergent

    Thursday, August 31

    Jehovah knows those who belong to him.—2 Tim. 2:19.

    In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of those partaking at the Memorial of Christ’s death. That trend contrasts with the decrease in the number of partakers that we saw for many decades. Should this increase trouble us? No. Let us consider some key factors to keep in mind. Those taking the count at the Memorial cannot judge who truly have the heavenly hope. The number of partakers includes those who mistakenly think that they are anointed. Some who at one point started to partake of the emblems later stopped. Others may have mental or emotional problems that lead them to believe that they will rule with Christ in heaven. Therefore, the number of partakers does not accurately indicate the number of anointed ones left on earth. And the Bible does not state how many will be left at the time that the great tribulation begins. w16.01 4:12-14

    It's fun to see how the borg tries desperately to justify the illogical increase of "anointed" ones when the math does not add up in the first place! This "anointed" concept should NOT even be in existence in our time to begin with! Think about it — they are actually saying that the hundreds of thousands of Christians who lived back in the first century WERE NOT ABLE to fill this number of 144,000??? Instead of labelling certain ones who partake as having mental and emotional problems, the GB does not have to look any further than THEMSELVES as they are undisputably the real whackos!

  • slimboyfat

    There weren't hundreds of thousands of Christians in the first century.

  • sir82

    Those daily text comments are a bit too wordy, let's see if i can streamline them a bit.

    If you have begun partaking of the emblems within the past 10 years, you are either (a) mistaken, or (b) mentally ill.

    Hear Jehovah's warm appeal: Come, take life's water free, so you can be insulted and belittled by 7 guys who have never met you!

  • btlc
  • David_Jay

    "Come join us, the one true religion of God, where an ever-increasing number of us, now numbering many thousands upon thousands (with no signs of stopping) are mistaken about what they believe or because what we have taught them about the afterlife have become mentally ill. One of these may be at your front door right now giving you this message. Or better yet, come visit our Kingdom Hall for a meeting where you or one of your children can sit right next to any of these ever-increasing number of misinformed, mentally ill Jehovah's Witnesses!"

    Wow, a religion with leadership not inspired of God and that creates a growing number of people who get a wrong idea of what to believe or get a mental illness! Where do I sign up and send money?

  • redvip2000

    And by the way, I know at least 2 or 3 people who partake of the emblems, and to be fair, the Org is not too far off when it says that many of these are mentally unstable.

    Dare I say that almost all of them probably are. Imagine, these folks actually think they feel they are special enough above all other Jdubs. What ego.

  • Listener

    Since they expect the number to decrease and it has in the past, it should concern them.

    Either the number of mentally ill or those mistaken or both is increasing on their 'watch', they should be considering why this is. It would indicate that they are either attracting mentally ill people or producing them and/or failing in their spiritual instruction resulting in some misunderstanding their hope.

    It may also indicate that their understanding was wrong, yet that doesn't concern them. There's not much reason to have confidence in these 7 stooges.

  • ttdtt

    I think that the number increasing was a factor in their redefining who the FDS was.

    They dont want "nuts" to have a say in what everyone believes.

  • steve2

    In any other context, partaking of the bread and wine when remembering Christ's death is a pretty standard thing for Christians to do.

    That partaking now raises questions about mental-health wellbeing and being mistaken shows how off the beam the JW take on the Memorial is.

  • sir82

    They dont want "nuts" to have a say in what everyone believes.

    That's never stopped them before!

    Ba-dum schussssssss.

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