The Watchtower's Real Crisis

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  • zeb

    There huge difficulties are the result of there anti education policies down the years. I read some where they lost 14 million in a recent year to bad investments and then 16 million the next year. So on what learning/basis was the investments made?

    Even the mountains of money they made out of the NY sales wont last long at that level of loss. simply the 'crows' have come home to roost.

    Bhudda said a trueism 'that everything has a beginning and an end.' if the wts read the gb had not rejected education for the masses they could have moved with the changes in society and survived but in a world of the techno they are still living in feudal times thinking and ignorance and arrogance ever been bed partners has left a terrible trail of sorrow in its wake.


  • ozbrad

    The biggest mistake they made was discouraging families to wait till after armageddon to have children. They would be mormon sized by now.

  • Diogenesister

    ZEB this is an excellent summary. Trust lawyers to get it right.

    It mentions women are able to be " ordained" in the church. I'm guessing that means enrolled or baptised into, although I always thought ' ordained' signified becoming a minister. I expects WT perhaps insists women are, in fact, ministers, in that they preach???

  • JeffT
    There huge difficulties are the result of there anti education policies down the years. I read some where they lost 14 million in a recent year to bad investments and then 16 million the next year. So on what learning/basis was the investments made?

    Do you have links to this information?

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    What I think...again, what I Think, doesn't have to be true...I think we have more literature and tools than people. The society has given us so much information, we are on overload....when we the monthly magazine, by the time we get the hang of it to present it....then the next issue is in... The literature chariot is moving faster than the org....

    The society ran ahead of the scriptures and at the time, they were ground breaking...nobody could debate them at the, the average person who reads can debate most of their doctrine....the new lights would just be scriptures they read too much my favorite...Michael is way...they have too much back peddling to do regarding the scriptures...they are going to start to make it more simple...

    New lights are just stuff they got wrong, (Aka: ran ahead of the scriptures). Also, trying to scale down to show WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS...YOU CAN TELL BY OUR LITERATURE, JEHOVAH TOLD US NOT TO WRITE TOO MUCH...IT'S THE END...

    No more year book,. only because too many folks are drinking the wine and crackers....the # is supposed to go down...but they keep going up....the stories are old as dirt...

    Now they don't want us to drag along studies for a long time....but what the real deal is that we are bringing in nuts and misfits...many that are coming in are mental....the org. can't handle mentally ill folks...

    It's all about the slight of the hand...

    As someone said, they are running out of ideas....nothing new...and they are running out of fools, too.


  • mikeflood

    WT could gain a lot improving women position, creating like dominical school for children and stop making people guilty about being pioneer's, elders or MS. Guess we're gonna see something like that, a way more mainstream if the thing doesn't implode. But of course, that should be in GB 3.0 or 4.0.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    When I first came to this site the likes of Blondie, Leolaia and Richie Rich were doing weekly Watchtower reviews. There's nothing to get your teeth into anymore worthy of anyone's time.

  • mikeflood

    Ohhh, I forgot, so sorry, barbecues !

  • jws

    It may be the same old drivel, but haven't Christians been buying the same old drivel for 2000 years now. Sure, you go the Reformation teaching it slightly differently. But the fact that it's still all pretty much the same among the sects hasn't ended them.

  • Socrateswannabe

    As other large printing businesses have done, they have recognized that their business model must change. Printed publications, in all markets, have been shrinking for two decades. It makes sense for them to move toward digital delivery of their content. However, it requires a massive investment in infrastructure to do so. They are also dumping many, many millions into video production. For the Borg, this is a good investment. If you watch their content, you can see that the videos paint them almost as a mainstream, or at least as a charismatic-type religion, not as a nutter group.

    The problem that they have run into is that there is less perceived value to a video or a PDF document than there is for a printed publication. I would guess that the number of contributions that publishers receive in the door to door work is just about zero. That means their source of revenue is coming from their members only, not the public. Their own policies are creating a catch-22, though, since they discourage their members from education that would provide them with good paying jobs. And, speaking of good paying jobs, they discourage that too. Not much of an economic pool to drain for contributions, if you ask me.

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